How do I calculate how much fondant I need for a cake?

To determine the diameter you need to roll fondant for covering the cake: measure opposite sides and top of cake across center; roll out fondant to that size, 1/4 inch thick. For example, an 8 inch, two-layer cake, with two sides each 4 inches, equals 16 inches diameter.

How much cake will 24 oz of fondant cover?

Fondant Coverage Chart
Cake Size:SizeUse this Amount
Rounds 3 in. high6″14 oz.
8″18 oz.
10″24 oz.
12″36 oz.

What size cake does 250g icing cover?

Covering a cake board:

18cm (7in) / 15cm (6in) – 250g (9oz) 20cm (8in) / 18cm (7in) – 300g (10½oz)

How many grams of fondant do I need to cover a 10 inch cake?

Round Cake
4-in / 10 cm400 g /14 oz460 g / 16 oz
6-in / 12 cm500 g /18 oz610 g/ 21 oz
8-in / 20 cm700 g/ 24 oz760 g/ 26 oz
10-in / 25 cm1 kg / 36 oz1.1 kg/ 38 oz
Feb 10, 2020

How thick should fondant be to cover a cake?

The perfect thickness for covering a cake is about 1/8 inches in size. To get the right thickness, you can use fondant guide rings, which slide on to the end of the fondant rollers, or a ruler. Always roll from the center outwards, turning and lifting the fondant as you go to keep the shape consistent.

How do you cover a cake with fondant for beginners?

How much fondant do I need to cover a 9 inch cake?

To cover a standard standard-sized 9 or 10-inch cake with fondant, you will need approximately 2 pounds of fondant. You can use purchased fondant (be sure you get “rolled” fondant as opposed to “pouring” fondant), or you can make your own marshmallow fondant or rolled fondant.

How much fondant do I need for a 7 inch cake?

48 oz.
Fondant – Amounts Needed to Cover a Cake
Cake Size:Size – InchesUse this Rolled Fondant Amount – Ounces (by weight)
Ovals 4 in. high10 3/4 x 7 7/8″48 oz.
13 x 9 7/8 “48 oz.
16 1/2 x 12 3/8″72 oz.
Hearts 4 in. high6″18 oz.

What size cake will 1kg of icing cover?

how much will you need?

How do you cover a 12 inch cake with fondant?

How do you cover a tall cake with fondant?

How do you stick fondant to a cake without buttercream?

You could try covering the cake with piping gel, but that wouldn’t have the best flavor and you’d have an extremely sticky surface that you could t work with. Piping gel is like super glue to fondant. The fondant won’t move easily once it hits the gel and if you don’t position it properly, you’re screwed.

How do you cover a 3 layer cake with fondant?

Can I put fondant on a cold cake?

Here is what you can do: Chill the cake covered in fondant in the fridge until firm. You want the cake and the fondant both to be well chilled. If not you will end up with a big mess and more waste.

How do you cover a two step cake with fondant?

Do you put dowels in cake before fondant?

Insert dowels into the bottom layer. Use the cake board for the next layer to gently imprint the outline (centered) on the icing or fondant of the bottom layer. Remove the cake board and use this guideline when inserting the dowels.

How thick should fondant be on sugar cookies?

It should be about 3mm on thickness. Use the same cutters to press out shapes. Brush the surface of each cookie with a little lightly beaten egg white before carefully applying the shaped fondant.

Can you put two layers of fondant on a cake?

I have been advised to put 2 layers of fondant on after buttercream layer to get nice smooth finish, but find when cutting that this give a very thick layer of fondant. … I use 1 layer of fondant straight away. 2 layers would be very sickly (and cost more!)

How many dowels do I need for a 6 inch cake?

So I’ll use 3 dowels supporting the 6-inch tier and 5 dowels to support the 8-inch tier. And when placing your dowels, make sure the dowels in one tier are offset from the tier above them (not stacked directly above each other).

Can I use straws as cake dowels?

I’ve stacked cakes up to 6 tiers using only straws. The reason I prefer them is that in my experience, dowels are hard to cut so that they are level on the bottom. They are also a pain to cut! Straws are strong, easy to cut and very inexpensive.

Do you put cake boards between tiers?

Every tier should be on a cake board (cardboard round or other shape), and the bottom tier should be on a thicker cake board to support all of that weight. You should not be able to see any cardboard except for bottom cake board that the cake is sitting on.

How do you stack a fondant cake?