How do I check my security clearance status?

You can check on your clearance three ways:
  1. Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS)
  2. Security Investigations Index (SII)
  3. Call DoD at 1-888-282-7682.

How long does a secret clearance last?

10 years
Secret clearance lasts 10 years. Top Secret clearance must be reinvestigated (reauthorized) every 5 years.

How do I check the status of my OPM security clearance?

If the agency has submitted an investigation request on you, you can check the status of your case by calling 724-794-5612, extension 7000.

What happens to my security clearance when I leave my job?

You automatically lose your access to classified information when you leave your job, but your security clearance may remain current if no incidents or flags are placed in your file. Cleared professionals, just like anyone else, may be fired for a variety of reasons.

What disqualifies you from a security clearance?

Those include criminal convictions that lead to a prison sentence of a year or longer, receiving a dishonorable discharge, “criminal incompetence,” and drug addiction.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?

These are confidential, secret, top secret and sensitive compartmented information. This type of security clearance provides access to information that may cause damage to national security if disclosed without authorization.

Can a company cancel your security clearance?


In the case of a government contractor, revocation or suspension of a clearance means loss of ability to work.

How long does a security clearance take to process?

A: It depends on the type of clearance required, but the security clearance process is generally completed within 4–‐‑8 weeks.

Can I get security clearance if I was fired?

In today’s volatile job market, it’s important to remember that being let go from a contract or fired for company reasons (not punitive ones) clearly has no bearing on your security clearance eligibility.

Do security clearances check Internet history?

Although security clearance background checks can be intensely thorough, the government can’t view your emails, Internet browsing history, hard drive data, and other virtual assets without a subpoena or warrant.

What percentage of security clearances are denied?

You may even wonder if you should continue with the process, particularly if you’re not getting a paycheck while you wait. But don’t lose heart – 20-30% of all interim security clearances are denied, but that is vastly different than the figure of final clearance denials, which hovers around 1%.

Why is my security clearance taking so long Canada?

Q: What could cause my Security Clearance to take longer than normal to process? A: The processing of your Clearance may be delayed if: 1) You have lived outside of Canada in the past 5 years, the RCMP needs to verify your addresses and any criminal records. Fingerprints and additional information may also be required.

Do security clearances check text messages?


Security clearance background investigators do not check your browsing history, read your emails, surveil your every move, bug your telephones, or photograph you commuting to work.

Why would you fail a security clearance?

Your Personal Conduct

Another common reason for security clearance deniable is having questionable personal conduct. Someone who is willing to lie on the security clearance application or fail to disclose important details can cause someone to be deemed unreliable.

How long does it take for security clearance to be processed in Canada?

If fingerprints are required, the waiting period to obtain the results from the RCMP is approximately 8 weeks. Secret Clearance: 2 to 4 weeks (Prior to precessing the Secret clearance a Reliability Status is complete therefore the same conditions apply).

How long does it take to get a security clearance in Canada?

The processing times can be from three weeks to over a year. If you have lived outside of Canada within the past 5 years, it can take over a year to have your clearance processed or depending on where you lived, may not be possible for the government to process.

How long does it take to get Transport Canada security clearance?

Once Transport Canada confirms that an application is complete, we will take up to 60 working days to process a standard application.

Why does a security clearance take so long?

Because of the high demand for the clearance system, the process is taking anywhere from four to five months. Top Secret clearance processing times are sitting around 159 days, on average. To gain Secret clearance, the process is taking around 132 days.

How can I check my reliability status in Canada?

To request a new reliability status or to update (renew) or upgrade an existing one, the CSO or ACSO and the employee need to complete and submit a Personnel screening, consent and authorization form ( TBS / SCT 330-23E).

What is TSC clearance?

What is top secret or sensitive compartmented information clearance? TS/SCI clearance allows you to access sensitive information that is not available to the public. Sometimes, this can mean access to data, information or even technology that is only available to those with the appropriate clearance level.

What is Transport Canada security clearance?

From: Transport Canada

The Transportation Security Clearance Program prevents security threats and illegal interference with transportation systems. To do this, the program carries out background checks on workers who: perform certain duties. have access to restricted transportation areas in airports or marine ports.

How long does it take to get raic?

12-16 weeks
Obtaining your Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) requires a few more steps. How long will it take to get my clearance? Your application and fingerprints will be reviewed, assessed, and processed by Transport Canada. Generally this takes 12-16 weeks, but occasionally may take more than 4 months.