What is AddOn in SAP Hybris?

SAP Hybris AddOn:

The purpose of an AddOn is to wrap an extension. By wrapping an extension, it provides additional features to an extension without needing to modify the code of the extension. An AddOn extends the Commerce Accelerator without touching its codebase.

What are AddOns specifically designed to allow a hybris developer to do?

AddOns are a form of extension that allow you to add front end files e.g. JSP, CSS and JS from within your AddOn. This is instead of editing core code of SAP Hybris which is considered against best practise.

What are AddOns specifically designed to allow an SAP commerce developer?

AddOns extend the functionality of the SAP Commerce Accelerator. They are a type of extension that allow you to add front-end files such JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, and images without modifying the storefront front-end files directly. entries.

What is Spartacus software?

Spartacus is an Angular based storefront designed for SAP Hybris Commerce/ SAP Commerce Cloud. It interacts with Hybris Commerce using REST API. Being in an initial phase it still provides most of the core functionalities of the Hybris storefront. Spartacus is extendible and customisable.

What is an addon typically used for?

Addon is also kind of extension but it is generally used to enhance the existing functionality. As the name indicates, it is just an additional functionality to enhance the existing one. Addon will never alter any existing code rather it just adds additional code to the existing code without impacting anything.