Can I create different short links for the same landing page?

Yes, you can create different short links for the same destination page. In fact, we recommend it if you’re sharing and tracking marketing efforts across multiple channels.

How do I put multiple links in one link?

How many Bitly links can I make?

“There’s no limit on the number of short links you can create.

How do I create a URL shortener?

To create a URL shortener, we’ll need a text input area and a button, then add the script tag. Create the index. php file inside the shorten-url directory and open it using VS code. In folder shorten-url , we will also add script.

Are Bitly links permanent?

Bitly links never expire. If you use a custom domain to shorten your links they will continue to work as long as your DNS is still pointing at Bitly and the custom domain is attached to a Bitly account. While you can hide links and their analytics from the analytics view, the data will remain in Bitly.

How many links can I create on free Bitly account?

1,000 links
Creating a free Bitly account is similar to creating any other free social media account in which a username will need to be claimed. Some of the benefits include the ability to create up to 1,000 links per month, unlimited link clicks, and customizable back-halves.

Do URL shorteners expire?

Many providers of shortened URLs claim that they will “never expire” (there is always the implied small print: so long as we do not decide to discontinue this service—there is no contract to be breached by a free service, regardless of “promises”—and remain in business). A permanent URL is not necessarily a good thing.

How long do Bitly links last?

Bitly links last forever, however, link data can only be accessed for 30 days after link creation. Although the links last forever, you don’t own the links, because you don’t own the Bitly domain. When you own the link, you’re ready to edit the destination of the short link while avoiding being related to spam.

Can you change Bitly link?

After you’re done creating a link you’ll have the option to Edit it. This can be done right after the link is created, or retroactively through the All Links section of the dashboard. You’ll have the option to Copy or Share the link, Edit/Add a title, Add/Edit the back-half, add a tag or Hide the link from reporting.

How do URL shorteners make money?

Many businesses will place advertisements on the URL shorteners. Thus, those URL shorteners can charge a monthly membership fee. They can also make money from advertisers because many advertisers will pay them to increase traffic to their websites or apps.

What happened to Bitly?

The Bitly URL shortening service became popular on Twitter after it became the default URL shortening service on the website on May 6, 2009. It was subsequently replaced by Twitter’s own service.

How do I change a URL link?

How do I change the destination of a link?

How to change the destination URL?
  1. Choose the short link that you want to update on your list of short links.
  2. Once you’ve found the link on your list, click on “default URL”. …
  3. Override the destination URL so it directs people who click on it to the address you want them to go to.

How do I make a Bitly link?

Creating a bitlink is very simple. Just go to and enter the full URL in the box at the top right of the screen. Click “Shorten” and you’ll be taken to a page with your new shorter URL. That’s it!

How do Bitly links work?

When you create a link with Bitly, clicks on it will be redirected from Bitly to the destination URL you started with. To do this, we issue a “301 redirect,” a technique for making a webpage available under many URLs. Because Bitly doesn’t re-use or modify shortened links, our redirects are permanent.

Are Bitly links free?

Bitly offers its basic service for free. After that, premium plans with a custom domain and more features cost $35 per month with monthly billing or $29 per month with annual billing.