Is there a method to string art?

There are different ways to approach stringing the inside of your art piece. You can be very methodical and string the thread in a pattern, or you can do it like me and string the thread around randomly (see picture #5 in the above image).

What kind of string do you use for string art?

The type you use depends on the look you want to create. Embroidery floss works well for more delicate pieces. Yarn and thicker strings work well for pieces that pack a punch. Nails.

How far apart should nails be for string art?

Do not nail too far down because you will go through the wood. Have about a half inch of the nail showing when you hammer it in. For the rest of the nailing process, make sure to have an appropriate distance between each nail. About 3/4″ distance between the nails.

How much can you sell string art for?

Word string art can be made for under $20, which makes for a healthy profit margin when selling these!

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Can I use MDF for string art?

MDF will work but is a little tougher to handle the nails) Wire nails. Very large thumb tacks (at least 5) DMC floss or crocheting string (thinner string is easier to use.

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