What is the correct way to set up a pool table?

Start with a spot and a stripe in each rear corner of the triangle. The ball in the apex corner can be either a spot or a stripe, and this is placed on the foot spot (unlike British pool, where the 8 ball is placed on the foot spot). The 8 ball goes behind this, and the rest of the balls are inserted at random.

How hard is it to set up a pool table?

Assembling a pool table is not difficult and the average person should be able to complete the assembly within 2-4 hours time from start to finish.

How do you place a dot on a pool table?

Where do pool balls go on table?

To rack the balls, use the triangular rack. Place the one ball at the apex over the marker on the pool table. Randomly fill in the other balls, ensuring the ten ball is in the middle of the third row. To ensure a tight rack for ten ball, place all fifteen balls in the rack when setting up the game.

How do you set up the balls for pool?

What are the dots on the side of a pool table for?

On nearly every table you’ll notice little marks inlaid into the frame of the rails, often a table manufacturer will use diamonds as the markers It is these diamonds which can assist you in choosing the proper angles for kick shots and banks and ultimately act as your aiming system.

What ball goes on the dot in pool?


When racking the balls a triangle must be used, and the apex ball is to be spotted on the foot spot. All the balls must be lined up behind the apex ball and pressed together so that they all have contact with each other.

How do you mark a pool table with a diamond?

What do the white dots on a pool table mean?

Each dot is designed to act as an angle marker to guide players in making bank shots; for example, a typical straight shot aimed at a dot will bounce off at a right angle.

How far apart are the diamonds on a pool table?

The usual or normal pool stroke moves a cue ball about 19 diamonds or the length of a lag shot with return to the middle of the table. This includes hitting the rails twice. Within this range the player learns to control the cue ball within at least one diamond’s distance (12.5 inches on a nine foot table).

How do you do bank shots of 99% of the time?

How do you calculate bank shots in a pool?

To determine the bank point line for any pool bank shot, you need only to divide the ball pocket lines and cross pocket lines where they join together.

How do you replace pool pockets?

How do you never miss a bank shot?

How do I make my pool shots accurate?

How do you make every shot in the pool?

What is English pool?

When a cue ball is struck on either side of its vertical axis, giving it “sidespin,” that’s called “English” in billiards. It may also occur when a ball collides with another or with a rail.

What is a pool cushion shot?

In a one-cushion shot, the cue ball caroms off of both object balls with at least one rail being struck before the hit on the second object ball. The object of the game is to score up to an agreed upon number of cushion caroms, with one point being awarded for each successfully made.

How do you aim in pool?

What does spinning the cue ball do?

Why is spin on a pool ball called English?

The expression comes from English snooker, a pool game where one of the main strategies is to block an opponent from having a straight line shot at a ball he must hit. To do this, the shooter will create a spin on his shot to circumvent the obstruction. This spin is called “putting English on it.” Answer has 3 votes.

What is inside spin in pool?

inside english (IE): sidespin created by hitting the cue ball on the side towards the direction of the shot (i.e., on the “inside” of the cue ball). For example, when the cue ball strikes an object ball on the left side, creating a cut shot to the right, right sidespin would be called “inside english.”