Who makes weeres pontoons?

Premier Marine
Weeres Pontoons are Manufactured by Premier Marine at the Premier Pontoon factory located in Wyoming, Minnesota. Weeres are manufactured with NMMA certification, which adheres to strict standards of quality and safety standards.

Is Premier pontoons going out of business?

WYOMING, Minn., March 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Minnesota-based Premier Pontoons — Premier Marine Inc. — has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Premier will continue to focus on building luxury pontoons and supplying top of the line products to its nationwide dealer network.

Who owns Barletta pontoons?

Winnebago Industries, Inc. is an American manufacturer of motorhomes, a type of recreational vehicle, in the United States. In 2018, the company expanded into motorboat manufacturing with the acquisition of Chris-Craft Corporation.


Who owns Premier pontoon?

Chris Carlson
Envision Company of Elk River, MN, announced today the acquisition of Premier Marine, a pontoon manufacturer based in Wyoming, MN. A company press release said the move represents the next chapter in an already successful manufacturing legacy established by Envision Company owner, Chris Carlson.

Did Polaris buy Bennington?

Bennington is one of four boat brands sold to Polaris Industries as part of Boat Holdings. Shown here is Bennington’s QX27 10-foot Wide-Beam Fastback Pontoon. Polaris Industries Inc. is entering the boat business with the purchase of Boat Holdings LLC from the Vogel family for $805 million.

Where are Premier pontoons built?

Wyoming, MN
Premier Pontoons are the leader in the pontoon world. Built in Wyoming, MN since 1993 and a family owned and operated business since the start has its advantages.

Is Premier Marine still in business?

Premier Marine currently has over 90 dealers across the United States and Canada with over 200 employees, making it one of the largest family-owned pontoon manufacturers in the industry. This family-owned legacy will continue under Envision Company.

What does Pontooning mean?

Filters. The art or process of constructing pontoon bridges. noun.

Are Tritoons better than pontoons?

Both pontoons and tritoons are good for a relaxing day on Rice Lake and are also great for fishing. While a tritoon theoretically offers greater stability, you’re unlikely to notice the difference on small bodies of water.

Who makes triple pontoon boats?

Luxury Pontoons & Tritoon Boats by Bennington.

How do you start a Premier pontoon boat?

Is a Tritoon worth the extra money?

In summary, three-tube pontoons offer boat owners a wider range of activities while on the water, a more stable ride and a little more speed than a traditional two-tube pontoon. If that’s important to a prospective owner, then the extra money is likely justified.

How fast will a 150 hp Tritoon go?

How fast will a 150 hp pontoon boat go? This varies upon the size of the boat and the load it is carrying, but they will typically be able to reach upwards of 30-40 miles per hour.

How shallow can a Tritoon go?

A pontoon boat with very little load may be able to float through water as shallow as 5″ or 6″ but if you take your boat in this environment you are running the very real risk of hitting submerged obstacles like rocks, debris or man-made junk.

How fast is a 115 hp Tritoon?

On a standard 24-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine and a medium load you could go as fast as 25 miles per hour. Alternatively, a Gigantic 30-foot pontoon boat with a 115 HP engine will probably only go as fast as 15 miles per hour.

How long do Tritoon boats last?

Pontoon boats may last for 10–20 years if they’re new and if you take good care of them.

Does a Tritoon need a special trailer?

Pontoon boats over 21 foot will definitely need a trailer with at least 2 axles while large boats, and tritoons, may require a 3-axle trailer.

How fast will a 300 hp Tritoon go?

3. How fast will a 300 hp pontoon boat go? A 300 hp pontoon will be able to reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour.

How fast will a 200 hp Tritoon go?

You can expect speeds between 18 and 28 miles per hour for a 90 HP pontoon boat and speeds of between 37 and 45 miles per hour for a 200 horsepower pontoon boat.

How fast will a 250 hp Tritoon boat go?

How Fast Can a Pontoon Boat Go? + Speed Chart
Pontoon TypePontoon LengthTop Speed
Premier Pontoons 29029 feet52 mph
South Bay Super Sport 92527 feet57 mph
Manitou 25 X-Plode XT SHP26 feet62 mph
Harris Crowne SL 25027 feet63 mph
Sep 13, 2018

How fast will a 400 hp pontoon boat go?

While efficient, delivering 2.2 mpg at 24 mph, the Powertoon X-Treme 3110 shows the company is still on top of the performance game; the boat is outfitted with twin 400 hp Mercury Racing outboards that propel this boat to a top-end of nearly 65 mph. But it’s not just the horsepower that grants the Powertoon its speed.

Can a 115 hp pontoon pull a tube?

Tubing doesn’t require quite as much speed, and you can start to have fun at around 16 miles per hour. A pontoon boat with a minimum of 70-90 horsepower will give you the ability to get you tubing. At that level, you might be able to get up on skis too, but 115 HP will serve you much better.