What are three ways that bones can be used to determine age?

The most commonly used age estimation methods used by forensic anthropologists in adults are based on the study of,
  • Pubic symphyses.
  • The sternal rib end.
  • The auricular surface of the ilium and.
  • Cranial sutures.

What part of the skull can be used to determine the age of a person?

Cranial sutures are also accurate measures of age at death. Sutures undergo continuous obliteration after an individual has finished growing and the degree to which different sutures are closed can give good estimates.

Which can be used to determine the age of a victim between age 15 and 22 from dental remains?

What can determine the age of a victim older than 22 from dental remains ? Ratio of D-aspartic acid to L-aspartic acid in the dentin.

What can be determined from bones?

Many of the skeletons have associated age, sex, ancestry, and cause of death data. Individual remains with known biological information are especially valuable references. Forensic anthropologists have used these skeletons to develop standards for determining sex, age and ancestry in unknown remains.