What did turtle find upon entering the Westing house?

What did Turtle find upon entering the house? Turtle found a dead body on the bed and after rushed her way outside of the house.

What happens to turtle at the end of the Westing Game?

She ends up marrying Theo and spends the night beside the old Mr. Eastman. Unfortunately he dies and all the characters die with him.

What did turtle do in The Westing Game?

Turtle Wexler, having solved the game by discovering Sam Westing’s secret life, is dedicated to becoming his successor – and, ultimately, the president of Westing Paper Products. She takes on the nickname of T.R. (real name: Tabitha-Ruth Wexler), attends college early, and makes over $5 million in the stock market.

Did turtle win The Westing Game?

Ultimately, after discovering the true identity of Sandy McSouthers—and the fact that Sam Westing created four aliases for himself based on the directions of the four winds—the logical and enterprising Turtle wins the Westing game, but she doesn’t tell any of the other players that she’s solved the puzzle.

Why does Turtle marry Theo in The Westing Game?

He’s married to Turtle, even though he spent most of the Westing game with a crush on her older sister. They’ve decided not to have children (although they’d both like them) because they don’t want to take the chance of passing down Chris’s disease. That’s Theo: responsible and always thinking of others first.

Who did turtle Kick In The Westing Game?

Barney Northrup
Chapter 25: Westing’s Wake

Revelations come out about Sandy; he had a bruise on his shin, but Turtle says the only person she kicked that day was Barney Northrup.

How long did turtle stay in the Westing house?

twenty-five minutes
The Corpse Found

It’s Halloween night: Turtle’s dressed as a witch and prepped with supplies, including her mother’s silver cross, for staying in the Westing house. Doug’s acting as timekeeper, and Turtle’s committed to staying twenty-five minutes, which would make $50.

Who does sydelle think the bomber is?

Sydelle thinks the bomber was Angela Wexler.

Who killed Samuel Westing in the book The Westing Game?

No one killed Sam Westing. He used a dummy to fake his death so that he could draw his scattered nieces and nephews back together.

Why is Angela Wexler The bomber?

Angela Wexler is the bomber in The Westing Game. She sets off a series of bombs to vent her frustration over her upcoming marriage.

Why did Angela bomb herself?

Cherry Bomb

It’s pretty Angela who damages the coffee shop and restaurant, puts herself and Sydelle in the hospital, and leads Turtle to take blame for something she didn’t even do. Angela feels so trapped by her beauty and status as an ornament that she willfully damages herself.

What does sydelle discover at the end of the chapter?

Turtle tells her it was a stupid thing to do, and Sydelle realizes that Angela was the bomber.

What does Angela find at the bottom of her bag?

This cheers Sydelle up. When Sydelle asks Angela for her makeup, Angela reaches into her bag and finds an anonymous letter that asks for forgiveness, encourages her love, and worries about enemies. It has two clues attached: “thy” and “beautiful.”

How many bombs were in The Westing Game?

During the game, three bombs go off in the coffeehouse, the restaurant and at Angela’s party. Why do you think Angela was the bomber?

How does Turtle describe Westing’s body in the coffin to judge Ford?

Turtle admits she was at the murder scene the night of the crime, and the judge asks her to tell her about it. When Turtle says Mr. Westing’s body looked more like a wax figure than a dead body, the judge gets excited.

How is Denton Deere related to Sam Westing?

Denton Deere is Angela’s fiancé and an intern in plastic surgery at the local hospital. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs. A smarmy, pompous, and self-important man, Deere is constantly diagnosing the conditions of others and offering unsolicited (and incorrect or impractical) medical advice.

What does Turtle confess to the judge?

It said, ” How I spent my Summer vacation” by Turtle Wexler. What does Turtle confess to the judge? She accidentally confesses to being in the Westing House the night Mr. Westing died.

Why does Turtle request bourbon?

Why did Turtle ask the judge for a little bourbon? Going to Baba because Baba loved her no matter what.

Who is Berthe Erica Crow related to?

Eventually, it is revealed that Berthe Erica Crow is the mysterious Mrs. Westing—Sam Westing’s wife who left him after the death of their beloved daughter, Violet.

What was special about JJ Ford?

Josie-Jo Ford was the first African-American and the first woman elected to a judicial position in Wisconsin. A judge on the state court of appeals, she’s one of the many possible heirs to the estate of Samuel Westing, whose death spurs the mystery at the heart of the novel The Westing Game.

What did Sandy’s flask contain according to turtle?

What did Sandy’s flask contain according to Turtle? According to Turtle, Sandy’s flask contained a life-saving medicine. Judge Ford believed that Sam Westing had assumed two disguises.

What is the red herring in The Westing Game?

The Westing Game is a mystery novel—as such, the book contains numerous twists and turns, plentiful red herrings (clues intentionally designed to be misleading or distracting), sleights of hand, and seemingly random or useless clues which lead to an unexpected (and even profound) conclusion.