What are the parts of a drill press called?

It has five parts, including a base, table, column, spindle and drill head.

What is drill press quill travel?

Quill travel is the second most important quality of a drill press after making sure the shaft spins concentrically. I have quite a few long drills, and go through a lot of “mickey-motion” to line up deep holes. You can get by with a few inches, but the more travel, the fewer problems.

What is the quill lock used for?

The quill lock on a Bridgeport style milling machine tends to lock under the pull of gravity and vibration. Sometimes it’s nice to have it as loose as possible, such as when doing small hole drilling or other operations that require a sensitive touch. Fortunately, the fix is both cheap and easy.

What is the quill size of a drill press?

Most of the drill presses reviewed in that article had a quill stroke in the 3.5-3.75″ range.