How much does it cost to replace a transfer case?

The average cost for transfer case replacement is between $2,511 and $2,624. Labor costs are estimated between $432 and $545 while parts are priced at $2,079. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

What is the transfer case attached to?

The case can be independent off the transmission or married, where it may even share the same case. The most common transfer case is independent. An independent transfer case attaches to the output shaft of the transmission and has a driveshaft for the front and rear axle. They can either chain or gear driven.

What happens when a transfer case fails?

When your transfer case goes bad, your car might jump in and out of 4-wheel drive on its own. This indicates an inability to stay in a drive mode which can damage the transfer case, other systems on the vehicle, or cause an unsafe driving situation.

How does a transfer case operate?

Can you drive without a transfer case?

Without a transfer case, you will not be able to drive the vehicle since the power is split 50/50 to the front and rear drive shafts and in 4WD or 4H mode. Alternatively 100% of the vehicle power is transferred to the rear drive shaft and differential from the transfer case when 2H mode is selected.

How long does a transfer case last?

How Long Will it Last? There is no set time or mileage. We’ve heard of transfer case where they only last 6,000 miles (rare) and others that have lasted over 300,000 miles. Your driving habits and how closely you follow recommended maintenance procedures are the deciding factors.

How long does it take to replace a transfer case?

Labor guide says replace front part of transfer case is 5.2 hours, rear part of transfer case 3.0 hours.

Can a transfer case be repaired?

If your bad transfer case can be repaired: A mechanic can replace any damaged or defective parts, replace the seals, and add fresh fluid. The final step will be to test the transfer case for correct operation.

Is it hard to replace a transfer case?

Replacing the transfer case will take a couple of hours, and it’s a heavy part. It’s important to go in knowing exactly what to do and how to do it right. We have some tips for you: To remove the driveshafts, you may want box end wrenches.

What happens if a transfer case seizes?

Eventually the parts inside will wear out and overheat. If this happens, the transfer case will be rendered useless and the four-wheel drive operation will not work.

How do you check transfer case fluid?

When can transfer case be removed from car?

The front shaft may be held in by a boot on the transfer case, so you will need to undo the band holding it into place then simply pry it off. Once done, the front shaft will need to be unbolted from the front differential and will then come out of the transfer case.

Why is my transfer case leaking?

When it comes to the transfer case there could be a couple of issues behind a leak. The transfer case is a self-contained unit that has its own fluid. A leak could be from a bad seal or an issue locked within the case itself. The output shaft seal is the part of the transfer case that connects the case to the axle.

How do you separate a transfer case from a transmission?

What transfer case has 4L80E?

Compare with similar items
This item NP246 Transfer Case- NP8 Fits 98-02 with 4L80E (32 spline)- Bulldog Tough OEM Quality Replacement Unit From The Gear ShopNP246 Transfer Case- NP8 Fits 98-02 with 4L60E (27 spline)- Bulldog Tough OEM Quality Replacement Unit From The Gear Shop
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What fluid goes in a GM transfer case?

The fluid in the transfer case serves as both lubricant and helps to keep the internal components cool and turning smoothly.
Transfer Case ModelFluid Type
BW1370ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4401ATF (Dexron III or higher)
BW4470ATF (Dexron III or higher)

How do you remove h3 transfer case?

Will a transfer case from a 4L80E fit a 4L60E?

Swap your 4L60E transmission to the much stronger 4L80E transmission with our 4L60E to 4L80E adapter (adapter only). You can use the computer you have now on 1998 up models with the use of our #10X wiring harness. The transfer case you have now can be used as is and will be moved 1 3/4 to 3 1/2 inches to the rear.

Are all 4L80E transmissions the same?

4L80E Differences:

’91 -’96: They are all pretty much the same. They were also known to have a crappy connector that passes through the case. Most have had them updated by now, but there are still some that haven’t and might need replacing.

How much is a 4 l 80 transmission?

4L80E Transmission – $2,195 | 5-Year Warranty.

What’s the difference between 4L80E and 4L60E?

The 4L80E is larger and heavier than the 4L60E. Its more hefty build can be tied to its 236 lbs and a length of 26.4″. Alternatively, the 4L60E weighs 150 lbs (without fluid) and it has a length of 23.5″. A comparison between the size and weight shows that the 4L80E is significantly larger and heavier.