What are the different styles of drawer pulls?

  • Cup/Pin Pulls.
  • Handle/Bar Pulls.
  • Bail Pulls.
  • Finger Pulls.
  • Appliance Pulls.
  • Drop/Hanging Pulls.

What are the different types of cabinet hardware?

Other common cabinet hardware materials are acrylic, bronze, cast iron, ceramic, crystal, glass, wood, and zinc. For a cohesive look, match the color of your cabinet hardware to the color of your kitchen appliances or faucet finishes.

Is it better to put knobs or pulls on cabinets?

Determine If You Want a Knob or Pull

One preference is to use knobs for all doors and pulls for all drawers. For any large door such as a pantry and any pull-out door (including pull-out base pantries or trash pull-outs), use a pull. It is much more comfortable to open a drawer using a pull.

What are the handles on cabinets called?

Knobs. Cabinet and drawer knobs, which are similar to doorknobs (but they don’t turn) are available in a wide range of styles, including round, square and oval.

What is the most popular hardware finish?

Satin/Brushed Nickel (Warm Undertone)

One of the most popular finishes, it is an available finish option for nearly every hardware design.

What are the different finishes for cabinet pulls?

Now you know the 7 most common cabinet hardware finishes: chrome, brass, polished nickel, satin nickel, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.

What are the different types of drawer slides?

There are 6 types of Drawer slides:
  • Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
  • Soft close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides.
  • Under mount Drawer Slides.
  • Side Mount Drawer Slides.
  • Center Mount Drawer slides.
  • Roller Slides.

What does projection mean on cabinet pulls?

Projection: this measurement is how far away from the cabinet does the hardware stand. This is the space where you would put your hand or fingers to open the door or drawer.

How do you match cabinet hardware?

The Basics of Mixing Cabinet Hardware
  1. Use a warm metal (gold, brass, copper) with a cool metal (chrome, nickel, pewter).
  2. Never use two warm metals or two cool metals together because it will look mismatched.
  3. A trendy mix right now is matte black with brass or gold.

What is a European drawer slide?

A Euro drawer slide is a single rail epoxy coated undermount slide. Pull out movement is achieved with a nylon wheel versus a ball bearing system. Load capacites vary from 75-100 lbs and these slides can be 3/4 extension of full extension.

What is an undermount drawer slide?

Undermount drawer glides are pieces of hardware that are found beneath the box of the drawer. They allow the drawer to easily slide open and close. Undermount drawer glides hold more weight and provide more support than drawer glides that are located on the sides of the drawer box.

What are the sliders on drawers called?

Drawer slides—also referred to as drawer runners—are devices which enable individual drawers to slide in and out of the drawer unit allowing users to easily access the objects contained within.

What is Euro glide?

Epoxy-coated utility slides, also called Euro slides, are versatile and relatively inexpensive. Commonly available at home centers, these slides rely on a single plastic roller ball in each member of the slide and are typically half-extension.

How do you install Richelieu Euro slide?

How do you install epoxy drawer slides?

How do I choose a drawer slide?

Start at the back of the box and measure to the front of the box without including the face of the drawer. Once you have the length, round the number down. For example, if the drawer is 20 ½ inches long you will need to purchase 20 inch drawer slides.

How does drawer slide work?

How Drawer Slides Work. Drawer slides work by reducing friction so that drawers can slide into and out of the furniture in which they are installed. Installing a drawer directly into a piece of furniture won’t work. Even if you’re still able to open and close the drawer, doing so will create friction.