What are the different types of chicken combs?

In total there are nine recognized types of chicken combs: buttercup, carnation, cushion, pea, rose, single, strawberry, V and walnut. Interestingly a chicken’s health is tied to the appearance of their comb. A sickly looking comb is one of the first telltale signs that something is wrong with your chicken.

What types of chickens have rose combs?

Ancona, Minorca, Rhode Island Red, Nankin, and Leghorns to name a few, can be exhibited in rose or single comb varieties.

What chicken breeds have walnut combs?

The silkie
Walnut Comb

The silkie is the primary breed that demonstrates this comb shape. It is easiest to see this comb shape on roosters because silkie hens have a much smaller comb and it may be hard to distinguish the walnut shape.

What is the difference between a pea comb and a rose comb?

By contrast to a single comb, a rose comb is flat with no rows of spikes. A pea comb is even smaller; a perfect pea comb will have three tiny rows of little peas. Even rooster pea combs tend to be small.

What type of chicken has strawberry comb?

Strawberry Comb

The Strawberry Comb sits forward on your chicken’s head and gets its name because it resembles a strawberry! Yokohama and Malay chickens feature this comb type.

What pea comb look like?

Pea Comb. The medium-sized pea comb features three lengthwise ridges from the base of the beak to the top of the head. The center ridge is slightly larger than the two outer ridges. This comb type is named as such because it sometimes looks like a row of peas.

What does a healthy chicken comb look like?

A normal, healthy comb will be red, purple, or black, depending on the breed. A pullet that has not yet reached the point of lay may have a small pinkish one – this is normal as her hormones have not yet started surging. Combs that are pale or shrunken may indicate that something is wrong with your bird.

What breeds have buttercup combs?

The Sicilian Buttercup is the only breed of chicken with the Buttercup comb type. There are many different comb shapes, the most common being the original single comb, as well as the rose comb and the pea comb.

What type of comb does an Easter Egger have?

The combs on Easter Eggers are usually a rose comb, but other comb types are possible. It’s important to note that although the Easter Egger has the genetic potential to lay any color of egg, once a young pullet begins to lay, she will lay that same egg color for her life.

What type of comb does a Wyandotte have?

rose comb
All American breeds of poultry have yellow skin; the softer feathers make them easier to pluck. Another favorable characteristic of the Wyandotte chicken breed is the rose comb on top of their heads (Fig. 5). Because the comb lies close to the head it is not subject to frostbite as a bird with a single comb.

What kind of comb do Silkies have?

You will find that silkie chickens have a ‘walnut’ shaped comb– which gets its name from its walnut shell like figure. This style comb has been derived from two dominant alleles for the rose and pea combs, and has found itself atop silkie chickens head!

What kind of comb do Brahmas have?

Overall, Brahmas are a large heavy boned breed with a pea comb and very small wattles with the females displaying a dewlap between the wattles.

What is a sapphire gem chicken?

They are a relatively new breed and were created by crossing a Blue Plymouth Rock and a Barred Plymouth Rock. Sapphire Gems are best known for their unique and striking appearance. They are a blue or lavender color and closely resemble the Plymouth Rock chicken in appearance.

Do all Wyandottes have a rose comb?

Wyandottes have thick yellow legs free of feathers. They have a rose comb and if they have wattles they’re small and close to the face.