How many varieties of chile peppers are there?

4,000 varieties
You snack on bell peppers, you love the heat of jalapeño in homemade salsa and you’ve ever dabbled with poblanos, but you’re ready to branch out. Good news: There are approximately 4,000 varieties of chile peppers in the world, with more being cultivated all the time.

What is the best tasting chile pepper?

In talking with many pepper enthusiasts, we’ve found the Habanero to be universally considered to be one of the best tasting peppers. It’s flesh holds up to and absorbs smoking well.

What are the most common chili peppers?

Jalapeños are one of the most common chile peppers. While green is the common color, red is also available. Chipotle peppers are made out of smoked, ripe jalapeños.

Which is hotter green or red chili peppers?

In general we can say, that red chili peppers are usually hotter than the green ones and they contain more vitamines too. If you cook whole chilies, the dish doesn`t get much hotness. But if you chop it, or even with seeds, it gets spicy to the max.

What is a mild chile pepper?

The Bell Pepper is considered the mildest dried chile, with a Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 0. Bell peppers, Capsicum annuum, are members of the nightshade family and are sometimes classified with other less pungent pepper varieties as “sweet peppers”.

What is the sweetest chili pepper?

1. Anaheim. Anaheim peppers are mild green chili peppers with a bright, tangy crunch when raw, and mellow sweetness when roasted. The native California peppers are big enough to be used in stuffed pepper dishes like chile rellenos.

What are four types of chili peppers?

Different Types of Chillies
  • Peppadew®
  • Poblano.
  • Guajillo.
  • Serrano.
  • Red Cayenne Pepper.
  • Habanero.
  • Ghost Pepper.
  • Carolina Reaper.

Which red chilli is spicy?

A Guinness Book record holder, Bhut Jolikia is certified as the hottest chilli in the world. It is also known as ‘ghost pepper’ and is cultivated in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. It is most popularly used in combination with dried or fermented fish and pork.

How many chili peppers are there in the world?

Over the years, selective breeding and hybridization of these once wild plants has resulted in the over 50,000 chile pepper cultivars that are estimated to exist today.

How many pepper varieties are there?

There are over 600 varieties of pepper (genus Piper), but few are used as spice, often distinguished only by the degree of maturation and the type of processing.

Are all chili peppers the same species?

Peppers, or chiles, are all part of the genus Capsicum.

Within the genus Capsicum, there are dozens of species, but only 5 have become domesticated. This means that the species has been cultivated by humans and refined over many generations. Let’s dive into each of the 5 major pepper species.

Which is hotter jalapeño or red chili pepper?

Jalapenos are much more heater than chilies. They have about 2500-5000 Scoville units of heat. In chilies, the amount and nature of heat vary from different varieties of chilies. Jalapenos are usually used fresh and tossed into salsas, and used with pickles.

What is the original chili pepper?

Capsicum annuum, the ancestor to most of the peppers commonly consumed today, was grown in pre-hispanic times in parts of the arid Southwest, and Texas, as well as in Mexico.

How do you identify chili peppers?