What type of cars do police officers use?

In America, almost any make and model can be a police car. However, some automakers offer models that are prepped and ready for police duty – for the most part – right from the factory floor. Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet build and sell them, as they have for decades.

What is the most common cop car?

Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility continue to be America’s best-selling police vehicles.

Are cop cars V6 or V8?

While a few cars may be equipped with V8 engines for chases or highway work, the bulk of the patrol fleet will usually have V6 engines, which use less fuel. In either case, police cars require engines that can endure severe use.

Which car is best for police?

The Toyota Innova is one of the best MPVs in the country, and widely used by police forces in a number of states. Not only reliability, but the interior space to carry 7 passengers have made it the most popular cop car in India. It is seen as a daily patrol vehicle in some areas as well.