What is a bracket hardware?

In mechanical engineering a bracket is any intermediate component for fixing one part to another, usually larger, part. What makes a bracket a bracket is that it is intermediate between the two and fixes the one to the other.

What is structural hardware?

Structural hardware is the connective tissue holding your big deck projects together. A deck, pergola, pavilion or arbor is typically made up of big, heavy pieces: joists, beams, posts, rafters and more. They’re often solid wood, though they can also be metal.

What are angle brackets used for?

Angle brackets are commonly used to enclose a code of some type. For example, HTML tags and PageMaker tags are enclosed in angle brackets. They are also used on chat channels and in chat rooms to frame a comment or expression, such as <groan!> or <g>, which is short for <grin>.

How do you make an angle bracket on a keyboard?

The angle brackets (<>) are between the “m” & “?/” keys on the keyboard. You need to press the “Shift” key & the “<” or “>” keys to type them. The square brackets ([]) are between the “p” & the “|\” (pipe/backslash) keys. You need to press the “[” or the “]” to type them.