What are the 5 nursing certifications?

While there are many certifications to choose from, these five are among the most popular, according to NurseJournal.org:
  • Acute/Critical Care Nursing (CCRN) …
  • AIDS Certified Registered Nurse (ACRN) …
  • Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) …
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) …
  • Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)

What are the different levels of nursing certifications?

4 Main levels of nursing degrees and credentials
  • Nursing assistant (CNA) Nursing assistants also go by the title of nursing aides or CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants). …
  • Licensed practical nurse (LPN) …
  • Registered nurse (RN) …
  • Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs)

What is the easiest nursing certification to get?

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification is generally seen as the baseline requirement for nurses. This fairly easy certification is valid for two years, and you will need to renew it after that.

What is the highest certification for a nurse?

The highest level of nursing education is the doctoral level. Positions that require doctoral nursing degrees include certain types of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), as well as leadership positions such as chief nursing officer or director of nursing.

Are nursing certifications worth it?

There are several reasons why nursing certification matters. At the most basic level, certification leads to better job prospects by enhancing professional credibility, validating specialized knowledge, and demonstrating a higher level of clinical competence, all of which can lead to higher salaries for nurses.

Can an LPN call themselves a nurse?

First, LPNs must pass a national licensure exam prior to assuming nursing responsibilities. In my opinion, if an individual passed the NCLEX-PN, they have earned the title nurse. Furthermore, a governing nursing board can suspend or revoke an LPNs license if he or she engages in a disorderly act.

Which nursing certification is hardest?

Emergency nursing is considered one of the most difficult fields of nursing, and certification in this specialty is highly desirable.

Is CEN or CCRN harder?

The CCRN was by far the hardest test.

Which nursing specialty is the hardest?

Case in point, within all general areas of nursing, the Medical ICU, Trauma ICU, Peds ICU, Neonatal ICU, are perceived to require the highest skill set of nurses.

What is the order of nursing credentials?

Note that the highest non- nursing degree is listed first followed by the highest nursing degree. A nurse who has a master’s in a non- nursing field might choose Anne Peterson, MEd, BSN, RN. If you have a doctorate and a master’s degree, omit your baccalaureate degree.

What is RN level3?

Registered Nurse Level 3 means a Registered Nurse who may be referred to as: Clinical Nurse Consultant or Nurse Manager or Staff Development Nurse. A Registered Nurse – Level 3 shall be appointed to Clinical, Management or Staff Development stream.

Is Nurse Practitioner higher than RN?

NPs tend to earn more than RNs, mostly because their positions require a higher level of education, additional clinical hours and certifications, and often work in private settings.

What is a Level 5 registered nurse?

(m) Registered Nurse – Level 5″ shall mean a registered nurse who may be referred to as a director of nursing. The relevant grade between 1 to 6 inclusive for each post is set out in schedule B to this award.

How many levels of RN are there?

What Are the Types of Nurses? In general, nurses fall into three categories: non-degree, degree, and advanced degree. Non-degree nurses include certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs), who complete nursing education programs that don’t culminate in a degree.