What are the different pegboard hooks for?

There are multi-tool rack pegboard holders for ring hooks which are great for screwdrivers, multi-tool rack pegboards for curved hooks that are great for wrenches, and multi-tool rack doubles straight prongs for spoons or spatulas.

Are all pegboard holes the same?

Pegboard Specs

All pegboard has holes with 1-in. spacing, but there are two thicknesses and two hole sizes available. Small hole pegboard is usually 1/8-in. -thick hardboard with 3/16-in.

Are there different types of pegboard?

A steel or metal pegboard can be plain, powder-coated, painted, or adorned with different kinds of slots. Plastic pegboards are readily available as well. They’re durable but may not be as heavy-duty as a solid metal or steel pegboard set.

What are the sizes of pegboard hooks?

If you’re about to make a peg hook purchase to beef up your pegboard organization, you may have noticed that pegboard hooks traditionally come in two sizes: ⅛” (0.1 – 0.12 inch) ¼” (0.2 – 0.24 inch)

Are pegboard holes universal?

A: Pegboard hole spacing is standardized so the hooks will fit. What is NOT standardized is the hole size. There are 1/8; 3/16; and 1/4 pegboards out there. These hooks will fit the 1/4 and probably the 3/16 holes.

What size are the holes in standard pegboard?

When purchasing your pegboard, make note of the hole size. Some have 1/4- inch holes, while others have 1/8-inch holes. The hole size will determine the type of hooks you need. Your home center will have a wide assortment of pegboard accessories, all of which can be quite useful.

What’s the best way to hang pegboard?

How do you make pegboard hooks?

How do you make a giant pegboard?

How to Build & Install a Giant Pegboard Wall: Step-by-Step
  1. Mark the plywood board. We grabbed an MDF pegboard panel to use as a template on our large sheet of plywood. …
  2. Drill the holes for the dowels. …
  3. Cut the dowels. …
  4. Hang the giant pegboard. …
  5. Paint the giant pegboard (optional). …
  6. Arrange your pegboard wall & shelves.

How do you make a peg board?

How do you keep Pegboard hooks from falling out?

To ensure hooks won’t fall out of your board, you have 4 options:
  1. Get the perfect hooks with double peg attachment and appropriate thickness for your board.
  2. Use metal wire to secure thin hooks.
  3. Use glue or a zip tie to secure the thin hooks to your board.
  4. Use plastic peg locks.

How do you hang pegboard without drilling?

How do you hang tools on a pegboard?

Start by hanging your largest, heaviest tools like sanders or electric drills on the bottom of your pegboard. Many people hang these in a row across the bottom. This also makes your garage safer since you don’t want heavy tools falling from the top of your pegboard.

How much weight can a pegboard hook hold?

Most are designed to carry medium loads (15 to 20 pounds). We also found that hook design has an important bearing on the performance of the pegboard. Under the same loading, some hooks will deface the pegboard whereas others will not.

How far off the wall does pegboard need to be?

Your pegboard should have about ½ inch (1.27 cm) of space behind it so that you can install hooks. If you get a ready-made pegboard with a frame, that space should be built in. Otherwise, you’ll need to create that space by building a frame or adding screw-in standoffs with spacers.

Can you Mount pegboard on drywall?

Pegboard goes up pretty easily and can be installed over drywall or even bare studs (such as in an unfinished garage). The trick to installing it is to create a 1/2-inch or larger gap between the wall and the back of the pegboard.

Should you paint pegboard?

Even if you want to leave it white, you still have to paint it. While most pegboards are just the standard kraft paper-like brown, hardware stores also sell pegboards with a white, coated side.

What’s better pegboard or slatwall?

If you’re eager to clean up your custom garage, you can use pegboard or slatwall for the job. Both have their perks, but slatwall is more advantageous. It can handle heavier loads without warping. You can also get slatwall in panels or from floor to ceiling, and it comes in all sorts of cool styles.