What are those long tops called?

A tunic is a garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the knees.

What are short tops called?

A crop top (also half shirt, midriff top or cutoff shirt) is a top that exposes the waist, navel, or abdomen.

What is a peplum top?

Definition of peplum

: a short section attached to the waistline of a blouse, jacket, or dress.

What is tunic style top?

According to Britannica, a tunic “was fashioned from two pieces of linen sewn up the sides and across the top, with holes left for the head and arms. It reached to the knees or lower, was with or without sleeves, belted at the waist, and held at the shoulders by clasps,”.

What is a line top?

It can be cut at any length. When referring to dresses and coats, the term A-line generally means fitted from the shoulders to the hips and then widening to the hem, but it is also sometimes used to mean widening from the shoulders to the hem, ignoring the waist and hips.

What type of clothing is blouse?

A blouse (blau̇s, ‘blau̇z, /blaʊz, blaʊs, bluːz/) is a loose-fitting upper garment that was worn by workmen, peasants, artists, women, and children. It is typically gathered at the waist or hips (by tight hem, pleats, parter, or belt) so that it hangs loosely (“blouses”) over the wearer’s body.

What is a blouse for ladies?

A blouse is a shirt usually worn by a woman. Your grandmother’s favorite silk blouse might have pearl buttons down the front. A dressy item of clothing worn on the top of the body, mainly by girls or women, is sometimes called a blouse.

What type of blouse should I wear?

Instead, go for the plain blouses that are made with lightweight fabrics, such as georgette, crepe, satin, etc. Prefer wearing monochrome blouses and avoid large prints. Lastly, avoid deep necklines and if at all you want to flaunt your glowing skin, then try doing so with the bare-back blouses.

What is a body blouse?

1 : a close-fitting shirt or blouse. 2 : a woman’s close-fitting top made with a sewn-in or snapped crotch.

What is the difference between a top and a blouse?

The modern fashion world typically refers to a blouse as a shirt that gathers at the waist and puffs out above the waistline. In contrast, a top is a generic term for any kind of women’s shirt. For this reason, a blouse is a kind of top, but the terms top and blouse do not necessarily mean the same thing.

What is a peplum top?

Definition of peplum

: a short section attached to the waistline of a blouse, jacket, or dress.

What is a long blouse called?

The main difference between tunic and blouse is their length. A tunic is typically longer than a blouse but shorter than a dress. Both tunics and blouses are upper garments popular among modern women’s fashion. They come in a variety of styles and fashions and can be worn for many occasions.

What is a tank top?

Definition of tank top

: a sleeveless collarless shirt with usually wide shoulder straps and no front opening.

What is the difference between T-shirt and top?

Tees were originally undergarments, which became popular as outerwear during the great depression and war years due to practicality. A T-shirt is usually short sleaved where top is especially for women that extends from the shouldets to the waist ,something to cover the top of the body like bra, etc.