How do you get a Jeli in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise?

Romance Requirements

Have any 5 Piñarctic residents in the garden. Have 50 square pinometers of snow. Is wearing Snow Shoes. Have a Jeli house in the garden.

How do you get a Parmadillo?

Evolution Requirements

Feeding a coconut to a Fudgehog turns it into a Parmadillo, earning the player an achievement.

How do you get a jelli in Viva Piñata?

Jelly is a produce item introduced in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise that can be created by Bart by using a bone. This item does not exist in Viva Piñata or Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise despite the bone existing in those game.

What is the highest level pinata in Viva Piñata?

In the original Viva Piñata the maximum level possible is 108. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise the maximum level is 196, however this level can be reached before getting all the awards.

How do you attract Fudgehog?

Romance Requirements
  1. Has drunk a bottle of Milk.
  2. Has eaten a loaf of Bread.
  3. Have a Fudgehog house in the garden.

How do you get a Sarsgorilla in Viva Pinata tip?

Visit Requirements
  1. You have 20 square pinometers of long grass (20%).
  2. Have 3 Monkeynut trees in the garden.
  3. Have a baby Bonboon in the garden.

How do you breed a Pigxie?

Requirements (Pocket Paradise)

The Pigxie is created by cross romancing a Swanana and a Rashberry after buying a Mystery Home from Willy Builder.

How do you level up fast in Viva Pinata?

How do you change pinata colors in Viva Pinata?

Variants –
  1. Feeding it a pumpkin will change its colour to yellow.
  2. Feeding it a water Lilly flower will change its colour to pink.
  3. Feeding it a gooseberry seed will change its colour to green.

How do you get a Swanana in Viva Pinata tip?

Romance Requirements
  1. You have a Swan Fountain in the garden.
  2. Is wearing a diamond choker.
  3. Has eaten 3 water lily flowers.
  4. You have 300 square pinometers of water (30%).
  5. Have a Swanana house in the garden.

How do you get a Dragonache?

Egg Hatching

In order to hatch the Egg, you must purchase a Cluckles, or make it resident. Afterwards, directing it to it will make it hatch a Dragonache.

How do I expand my garden in Viva Piñata?

In the Viva Piñata games the area that can be built in is marked by a white border around the garden. The area allotted is small at first, but increases by reaching certain level thresholds. The first garden size upgrade is at level 11, and at level 21 the second and final garden size upgrade is received.

How do I stop Professor Pester?

In Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise, he can be scared off by having a Mallowolf or a Barkbark equipped with a Spiked Collar scare him off from the garden.

What does Dastardos head do?

Shovel head that detects buried coins in your garden. Shovel head to daze Dastardos while he is in the garden. Decreases the time it takes to dig a pond.

How do you get captains Cutlass in Viva Piñata?

The Captains Cutlass is a decoration that can be purchased from Ivor Bargain.

How many sour Piñatas are there in Viva Piñata?

eight different sour species
Sour Piñatas are easily recognized due to their deep red and black coloring. There are eight different sour species, and twelve in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, each with their own bad habits, like starting fights or scaring off residents.

How do you attract Crowla?

Attract it by having a Lickatoad resident in the garden.

Who is Stardos?

Dastardos (ダスタード Dasutādo), named Stardos earlier in his life, is one of the characters in the Viva Piñata series who made his first appearance in the first Viva Piñata game. He is known to smash any sick Piñatas with a stick, breaking them open and leaving nothing but Life Candy behind.

What happens if you hit Seedos?

If you hit Seedos multiple times, his teeth will break down to 3 or 4 and his glasses will be damaged. He will laugh madly, go away and then he will come back to your garden later and start planting Venus Piñata Trap plants or weeds. Which can ill (sicken) your piñatas.

How do you get a Fizzlybear in Viva Piñata?

Appear Requirements
  1. Have a Honey Hive in the garden.
  2. Have a Buzzlegum house.
  3. Have 3 Buzzlegums in the garden.

How do you get a Bunnycomb in Viva Piñata?

Leafos will hand you two seeds at the beginning of Viva Piñata. Choosing the brown and yellow seed will grow a Carrot, and will eventually make the Bunnycomb appear.