How much are the rainforest character cups?

Rainforest Cafe Menu Prices
Smoothies & Freezes
Rainforest Character Cup$8.99
Rainforest Ricky$4.29
Rainforest Ricky Freeze$4.99
Brazilian Freeze$5.59

How much does it cost to build a Rainforest Cafe?

Costs ranged from $7 million for a mall-based unit to $16.5 million for a major tourist site. Rainforest Cafe was not alone in its earnings woes in 1997.

How often does the volcano at the Rainforest Cafe erupt?

every 30 minutes
The spectacular volcano smoulders throughout the day, but come dusk, it erupts with an elaborate fireball show. You can see it every 30 minutes, on the hour and half hour. Each eruption takes around 2 minutes, and can be seen from all around the Marketplace.

How often are the rainstorms in Rainforest Cafe?

They all feature the “The Wild Bunch”, Rainforest-themed mascots including Cha! Cha! the red eye tree frog and Bamba the Gorilla. They will all feature an Earth-shattering thunderstorm every 17 minutes or so.

How did the Rainforest Cafe start?

of Houston. It was founded by Steven Schussler. The first location opened in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, on February 3, 1994. By 1997, the chain consisted of six restaurants, all in the United States.

Rainforest Cafe.
Restaurant logo (2000-present)
Number of locations24 restaurants

What time does Rainforest Cafe volcano erupt?

The Erupting Volcano

Our mountain spews an eye-catching display of fire and smoke approximately every 30 minutes.

Are the fish at Rainforest Cafe real?

The new owners removed the parrots, which had previously cost each restaurant $100,000 annually. Schussler and some of his former employees felt the change destroyed the spirit of the restaurant. Today, the only real animals that remain are in the fish tanks.

What’s so special about Rainforest Cafe?

Rainforest Cafe is a truly wild restaurant that sits within a unique, engaging and stimulating rainforest atmosphere, complete with interactive animal animatronics, simulated thunderstorms, and storytelling decor that each take the experience above and beyond your typical dinner out.

What does Rainforest Cafe smell like?

A little floral, a tad citrusy, a Rainforest Cafe scent that almost certainly smells much nicer than a real rainforest does. “Part of the Rainforest Cafe concept is the five senses,” says Ercu Ucan, the Minneapolis-based company’s senior vice president for retail.