What does 6 W mean in shoes?

6W on the tongue simply means that it is a women’s shoe (that does not mean “wide” for wid… A seller.

What is W in shoe size?

The letter after the shoe size is the width. As far a women’s shoe goes W = women and they are usually B for regular sizes and A is narrow. In the men’s M = medium (regular) E= wide Then there is EE = extra wide as well as EEE and EEEE.

What size is 6W?


What does W and Y mean in shoes?

N (narrow), M (medium) or R (regular), W (wide),The B and the M are width indicators means the width of the shoes… M or B means medium for a female shoes. M or D is medium for male.(Y) means it is a youth/kids size 5.5/youth. E Walker. · August 27, 2015.

What does 8w mean in shoe size?

W is for wide and M is for medium wide, or regular.

What does 11D mean in shoe size?

medium width
Showing 1-7 of 7 answers. “D” means medium width of the shoe,so it is 11D is size 11 with medium width. DesignerStudioStore.

What is 6Y in women’s?

A 6Y in women’s is 7.5 – 8 (which is perfect for a foot length of 9.5 inches). A 6.5Y in women’s is 8 – 8.5 (vice versa: an 8 women’s in youth or 8.5 women’s in youth is a 6.5Y).

What size is 6Y in women’s?

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US – Kids3.5Y6Y
US – Women’s57.5
Foot Length (in)8 12/169 6/16

What does m11 w12 mean?

That means Men size 10 and Women size 12.

What size is 6Y in adults?

Jordan Women’s Size Chart
Women’sMen’sGrade School

What is size 6Y in us?

The sizes of 6 M US big kid, 6Y US, and 6Y all mean the same thing = size 6 in youth medium width. Nike’s Y size shoes are men’s length designed for youth feet. When you say you need something equivalent to 7 US girls, I assume you mean 7 US women’s. That would be most equivalent to 5.5 Y.

How do I know my size in Jordans?

Take your ruler and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your big toe. Write down this result in centimetres. Now you repeat this process on your other foot, as almost everyone has two different sized feet. Then take the larger foot as a reference to determine your shoe size using the appropriate chart.

What is size 6Y equivalent to?

Basically, 6Y is the same as size 6 in men’s shoe sizes. However, 6Y is usually equal to size 7.5 or 8 when it comes to ladies’ shoe sizes.

What size is after 6Y in shoes?

Boys to Men Shoe Size Conversion
US Kids/Youth Shoe SizeFoot length (inches)US Men Shoe Size
6Y9 1/25.5-6
6.5Y9 2/36-6.5
7Y9 5/66.5-7

What does 6Y mean in age?

size chart
Little Label sizes cm / months and yearsAgeChest cm
92 / 2Y18 – 24 months52 – 54
104 / 4Y3 – 4 years54 – 56
116 / 6Y5 – 6 years56 – 60
128 / 8Y7 – 8 years60 – 64

What size is 6.5 womens in men’s?

Nike Men’s to Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart
Men’s SizeWomen’s Size
Jun 20, 2019