What does ASDF mean in text?

Although “ASDF” is commonly used to express an emotional reaction, there are also a few other meanings for this word. “ASDF” could possibly mean “air self-defense force” when referring to a country’s military. It can also mean “angry, sullen, depressed, and frustrated” to describe someone’s mood.

What does ASDF mean meme?

Pronounced “ass-duff movie,” asdfmovie is a quirky, online, animated series starring simple, stick figures with emoticon-inspired faces.

What does ADSF stand for?

ADSFApplication Development Security Framework (databases)
ADSFAdipocyte-Specific Secretory Factor
ADSFAutomated Directional Solidification Furnace
ADSFAl Dhabi Scaffolding and Formwork, LLC (aka Al Dhabi Scaffolding Factory; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

How many ASDF movies are there?

There has been 10 sequels made as of 2017.

What does Alskdjf mean?

Often seen on social networking sites as: WTF!??/;alskdjf it is nothing more than an expression about wasting time. It’s also become a pseudonym in forums and on social networking sites much in the same way Silas Rupert was once used. See also : WTF.