How do I get a PPR number?

An approved Landing Permit must be on file in Airfield Operations in order to obtain a PPR number. Please click Click here to submit a Prior Permission Required (PPR) Request Form or call Airfield Operations directly at (650) 386-0677. Thank you and we look forward to your arrival!

What is a PPR number Aviation?

PPR is mandatory for all aircraft and visitors. This is to ensure pilots and visiting aircraft are fully briefed on the ongoing airfield infrastructure development, airspace use by powered and non-powered, military and flight training operators using it.

How do you get a PPR to land on a military base?

Landing at a US military base isn’t all that hard (I’ve landed at Ft. Drum before), you just have to get prior permission (PPR) (submitted at least 30 days in advance and confirmed within 24 hours according to 32 CFR 855.8), and need to have a “good reason” (as determined by them).

What is a military PPR?

For military airfields, the owning military service headquarters will issue a Prior Permission Required (PPR) number as final authorization to use the military airfield.

Can private planes land at Moffett Field?

Zornetzer said NASA was not expecting the deal to create a large number of new flights at Moffett. While two other private parties — a helicopter operator and Lockheed Martin — are allowed to use the airfield, none of those agreements cover flights of private jets.

Can you land at Moffett?

Moffett Field is IS-BAH Certified! Prior permission is required to land at Moffett Field. A Prior Permission Required (PPR) Number is used to identify yourself to the Moffett Tower for permission to land.