Which word has a long vowel E?

Long Vowel Words

Long e – me, eve, hear, meet, piece, candy.

What are some examples of long E words?

“Long e” is spelled ie in several common words: believe, belief, brief, chief, field, niece, priest, siege, achieve, piece. Follett wrote The Key to Rebecca.

What are short e and long E words?

Short e, written phonetically as ĕ, makes the vowel sound of e, as in west, bet, fed, and less. The long e, written phonetically as ē, makes the sound of the name of the vowel, as in beet, feet, eat, and sheet.

What is long e?

Is there a long e word?

In some cases, the long /e/ sound is spelled with just the letter e. This is usually the case in words that are more than one syllable long, but exceptions include some very common words like ‘me’, ‘be’, ‘we’, ‘he’, and ‘she’. This spelling of the long /e/ sound is used for prefixes ‘re-‘, ‘be-‘, and ‘de-‘.

How many ways can you spell long e?

When you hear the long E sound, it can be spelled several ways. This sound can be represented in 2 vowel teams (“ea” and “ee”), an irregular vowel team (“ie”), the open syllable rule, e.g., me, and “Y” as a vowel at the end of a word, e.g. bunny.

What is a cool word that starts with E?

List of cool words that start with E

What is E sound example?

bed, beg, fed, gem, get, hen, hem, jet, led, leg, let, men, met, net, pen, peg, pet, red, set, ten, yet, wet. The following diagram shows some examples of short E and long E words.

Is Elephant a long e word?

Elephant begins with the short vowel sound of E. E’s short vowel sound sounds a bit like eh, and features in words like elephant, exciting, excellent, and end.

Which of the following has E :/ sound?

Answer: The Sound of the word honey bee is EE due to the presence of double ee at its end i.e vowels.

What are the 3 sounds of E?

There are three common sounds using the letter E. The ee sound is used with the front part of the mouth, the eh sound is used with the middle portion of the mouth, and the er sound is used with the rear portion of the mouth.

IS WET long E or short E?

Short E in CVC words

Some examples of Short E CVC words include wet, leg, bed, and men.

What is Lazy E sound?

The schwa sound is represented by a /Ə/ in the Phonetic Alphabet (like an upside down ‘e’ or an ‘e’ too lazy to sit up!)

How do you pronounce E?

Is wheel a long E sound?

The long “e” sound is the vowel sound in even, see, peanut, donkey, and flea. Or go to the answers. Match 10 words that have the long E sound. The words are wheel, sheep, tepee, seal, leaf, needle, peas, meat, queen, key.

Is member long E or short e?

Why do i sound e?

First, in some words, “i” is pronounced /ee/ for historical reasons that you might find a bit random. As in: “machine”, “pizza”, “casino”, “naïve”… Second, when the “i” is at the end of words that are plurals of Latin words, we pronounce it “i”.