What is a word that can be both positive and negative?

For intermingled positive and negative emotions, I would use bittersweet. Clearly though, the phrase “taking a cab is bittersweet” doesn’t really hit the mark, unless you’re discussing the conflict of leaving vs going.

What is a negative word or positive word?

Words can have a positive, negative, or neutral connotation. Positive connotation is the good feeling that is attached to a word or phrase, negative connotation is the bad feeling, and neutral connotations have a neutral feeling or emotion that is attached, meaning the word does not elicit good or bad feelings.

What is a word for turning something negative into positive?

What are 5 examples of connotation?

Connotation examples in literature
  • Positive: childlike.
  • Negative: childish.
  • Positive: vintage.
  • Negative: decrepit.
  • Positive: confident.
  • Negative: cocky.

What is negative and positive sentence?

Negative-positive restatement is a method of achieving emphasis by stating an idea twice, first in negative terms and then in positive terms. Negative-positive restatement often takes the form of parallelism. An obvious variation on this method is to make the positive statement first and then the negative.

What’s a positive word?

Positive words are words that describe something good or desirable and express approval, possibilities and potential.

What is a word for negative?

adverse, gloomy, pessimistic, unfavorable, weak, abrogating, annulling, anti, con, contrary, contravening, denying, disallowing, disavowing, dissenting, gainsaying, impugning, invalidating, jaundiced, naysaying.

What are negative sentences examples?

Most often, a negative sentence is formed simply by the addition of ‘not’ to the verb in the sentence.

For example:
  • I do not have an extra pencil to lend you.
  • She does not know anything about the change in the seating allocation.
  • They did not participate in the science quiz competition.

What are 10 happy words?

  • blissful,
  • delighted,
  • glad,
  • joyful,
  • joyous,
  • jubilant,
  • rejoicing,
  • tickled.

What are three inspiring words?

Dreams come true.” “Never give up.” “Winners never quit.” “Success breeds success.”

What is a positive quote for today?

Positive Quotes for the Day:

Never give up hope under any circumstances or situations, no matter how bad it may seem right now, because there is hope, and things will get better if you don’t give up. And, my friend, no matter what life hands you — believe in your worth and never give up.