How do you describe a paradise?

Paradise is a place of contentment, a land of luxury and fulfillment. Paradise is often described as a “higher place”, the holiest place, in contrast to this world, or underworlds such as Hell.

Is there an adjective for paradise?

Paradisiacal Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster.

What is the meaning of perfect paradise?

a [count] : a very beautiful, pleasant, or peaceful place that seems to be perfect. a rural paradise.

Is paradise another word for heaven?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for paradise, like: heaven, bliss, elysium, avalon, elysian, utopia, haven, arcadia, garden-of-eden, nirvana and null.

What is the name of paradise?

In Islam, Jannah (Arabic: جَنّة, romanized: janna, pl. جَنّٰت jannāt, Turkish: Cennet), lit. “paradise, garden”, is the final abode of the righteous.

What does paradise life mean?

Paradise is being able to experience the bliss, joy and delight in the weather, food, and view. Paradise is being able to experience bliss, joy and delight even when not surrounded by natural beauty. Paradise is a state of mind and a way of life. Paradise is a place within, not a location without.

What is the meaning of living in a paradise?

Definition of in paradise

: in a state of complete happiness : very happy When I’m with you, I’m in paradise.

What does paradise on earth mean?

a place of perfect beauty and happiness
noun. a place of perfect beauty and happiness existing on earth as opposed to in heaven. She had turned the valley into an earthly paradise.

What word means heaven on earth?

synonyms for heaven on earth

Compare Synonyms. Arcadia. Shangri-la. garden. heaven.

Is Avalon a word?

Avalon definition

(celt. legend, place, proper) The isle of the dead, an island paradise in the west where King Arthur and other heroes are taken after death.

What does Avalon mean?

Avalon. / (ˈævəˌlɒn) / noun. Celtic myth an island paradise in the western seas: in Arthurian legend it is where King Arthur was taken after he was mortally wounded.

What is opposite paradise?

Opposite of an ideal or idyllic place or state. hell. dystopia. nightmare.

What is the meaning of Orion?

noun. Britannica Dictionary definition of ORION. [noncount] : a group of stars in the sky that looks like a hunter with a line of three bright stars for a belt. ◊ This group of stars is named for a famous hunter in stories from Greek mythology.

What’s the meaning of Arcadia?

arcadia • \ar-KAY-dee-uh\ • noun, often capitalized. : a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet.