How do you describe heavily walking?

To trudge is to walk in a heavy, exhausted way.

How would you describe a confident walk?

Strut – Here’s another term for walking that infers that you have confidence. Strutting means walking stiffly, upright, in an arrogant way, often to impress others. Supermodels strut down the catwalk, peacocks are said to strut, and people often strut down the street when they’re feeling confident and attractive.

What is another word for fast walking?

What is another word for speedwalking?
race walkinghealth walking
heel-and-toeingheel-and-toe racing
PowerWalkingwalking for speed

What’s another word for walking slowly?

What is another word for walk slowly?

What is the definition of speed walking?

Speed walking is walking at a brisk pace, usually 3 mph or greater. Your heart rate is elevated during speed walking. You can burn more calories this way than walking at your usual pace. Power walking is usually considered from 3 mph to 5 mph, but some power walkers reach speeds of 7 to 10 mph.

How would you describe walking angrily?

flounce to walk somewhere quickly, moving in an exaggerated way, when you want to show that you are angry or offended: She flounced into the living room and threw herself down into a chair.

What are the different types of walk?

While working out you can incorporate a mix of these types of walking workouts to improve your overall health:
  • Power walking. This workout is done at a quick jogging pace and uses rigorous arm swings to build cardiovascular endurance and total-body strength. …
  • Chi Walking. …
  • Brisk walking. …
  • Marathon Walking. …
  • Stroll Walking.

What is a strong verb for walk?

Stomp: walk heavily, as if in anger. Stride: walk purposefully, with long steps. Stroll: see saunter. Strut: see parade. Stumble: walk clumsily or unsteadily, or trip.

What is it called when you walk?

Gait means the way a person or animal walks or runs.

What is a word for a nervous walk?

prowl. verb. to walk around in a very nervous or angry way.

What are 5 synonyms walking?

  • amble,
  • mosey,
  • perambulate,
  • ramble,
  • saunter,
  • stroll,
  • wander.

What type of word is walking?

Noun She goes walking every day in the park. Adjective a good pair of walking shoes They were going at a walking pace. She is a walking disaster.

What are the 5 types of walking?

First off, there are five types of walking: Intermittent, Strolling, Fitness, Power, and Race.

What is a short walk called?

hiking tour; walk; promenade; stroll; outing; hike; short walk; ramble; tramp.