What 5 letter word has eel in it?

Here is the complete list of 5 Letter Wordle Words with EEL in them (Any Position): belle. belie. betel.

What ends with NDOM?

6-letter words that end in ndom
  • random.
  • condom.
  • fandom.
  • windom.

What is NDOM in chemistry?

Removal of the Neutral Dissolved Organic Matter (NDOM) from Surface Water by Coagulation/Flocculation and Nanofiltration.

What word starts with FLE?

Words That Begin With FLE
  • flea.
  • fled.
  • flee.
  • flew.
  • flex.
  • fley.

Is Ble a suffix?

-ble — (O)F. — L. -bilis, adj. suffix denoting tendency, fitness, ability, or capability of doing or being something; added to vb.

Is FLI a word?

FLI is not a valid scrabble word.