What’s a five letter word that ends in AST?

5-letter words ending with AST

What word starts with AST?

Words That Begin With AST
  • astern.
  • asters.
  • asthma.
  • astony.
  • astral.
  • astray.
  • astute.

What word starts with teas?

6-letter words that start with teas
  • teaser.
  • teasel.
  • teased.
  • teases.
  • teasle.
  • teasma.

What words end in ask?

7-letter words that end in ask
  • subtask.
  • outtask.
  • gasmask.
  • dismask.
  • netmask.
  • foxmask.
  • ordtask.
  • seatask.

What are the 5 words for Wordle?

Because, although his system will give players all the correct letters 99.5 percent of the time, it’s up to the player to take those letters and win Wordle. “You still have to solve it but this will give you a fantastic lead into solving,” said Myles. “Derby, flank, ghost, winch, jumps.”

How many 5 letter words are there?

According to Free Dictionary, there are 158,390 words with five letters. Volume 6 of Office’s Scrabble Dictionary claims there are 8,996 available words with five letters while other sources claim that there are only 5,350 words that you can create with five letters in word games.