What words start with bone?

  • bonebeds.
  • bonefish.
  • bonehead.
  • boneless.
  • bonemeal.
  • bonesets.
  • boneyard.
  • boneyest.

What is a 5 letter word with EE?

5-letter words starting with EE

What 5 letter word starts with R and ends with EE?

5 Letter Words Starting with R and Ending in EE List
  • ragee.
  • rakee.
  • ramee.
  • ranee.
  • raree.
  • razee.
  • resee.
  • rupee.

Which English word has Double EE?

They walk down the street, dance, and dress up as they sing about the double “e” words: green, meet, bees, knees, keen, sweet, tweet, steep, deep, meek, fleece, steel, seek, weed, wheel, need, speed, queen, seen, sweep, feet, tweet, steep, and deep.

What English word has 3 sets of double letters?

An old riddle asks, “Can you name a word with three consecutive double letters?” One possible answer is WOOLLEN – ‘double U, double O, double L, …’ A more satisfying solution is BOOKKEEPER (or BOOKKEEPING), the only common words with a consecutive triple double.

Is EE a Scrabble word?

Yes, ee is a valid Scrabble word.