What’s a fancy word for show?

Some common synonyms of show are display, exhibit, expose, flaunt, and parade.

What is a word that means shown?

(or showed off), sported, strutted, unveiled.

What word means to show or reveal?

acknowledge, admit, affirm, announce, concede, confess, declare, divulge, explain, expose, inform, publish, report, tell, disclose, display, unveil, avow, betray, broadcast.

What word means to show or represent?

mean, perform, produce, serve, show, speak for, describe, display, illustrate, mirror, portray, suggest, be, betoken, body, copy, embody, enact, epitomize, equal.

Can be seen synonym?

What is another word for can be seen?
able to be seencan be noticed
is apparentis in sight
is in viewis noticeable
is observableis obvious
is visible

What kind of word is shown?

Shown is a verb – Word Type.

What is the word for all present?

Present, appearing, or found everywhere. ubiquitous. omnipresent. global. universal.

What does it mean to display something?

Definition of display

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to put or spread before the view display the flag. b : to make evident displayed great skill. c : to exhibit ostentatiously liked to display his erudition.

Is shown a correct word?

Shown is the past participle form, which is used to form the present perfect (has shown) and past perfect (had shown) verb tenses and in passive voice constructions (as in Each person was shown three options). Sometimes, showed is also used as the past participle, as in I have learned from what you have showed me.

What is the synonym of portrayed?

verbentertain by playing a role. be on. bring down the house. burlesque. characterize.

How do you use the word shown in a sentence?

1) The final episode will be shown tonight. 2) Angels are usually shown in pictures dressed in white. 3) The long-dormant volcano has recently shown signs of erupting. 4) The novel is shown from the girl’s viewpoint.

Will shown or will show?

“Showed” is in past tense, while “shown” is in past participle tense, or in passive voice. Examples: “I showed him my new phone yesterday. He didn’t like it.” “I have shown him my new phone already.

Is Slown a word?

slown is a valid English word.

What is the meaning of have seen?

idiom. seeing or hearing something or someone would have interested or entertained you very much: You should have seen her – she was furious!

Will be shown synonym?

Shown Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for shown?

Is showed up correct?

To use “show up” using past perfect, you’d say “she has shown up” just like if you were saying “she has shown” but with “up” added afterwards. You don’t use “she has showed”.

Is have showed correct?

Yesterday i have shown you the way how to do this particular thing. This is the correct form; show, showed, shown. “Shown” is the past participle which we use with “have” to form the present perfect.

Has showed or has shown?

A: The usual past participle of “show” (that is, the form of the verb used with “had” or “have”) is “shown.” But “showed” is also acceptable and not a mistake. Dictionaries these days consider both of them standard English, but list “shown” first.

What does it mean to exemplify something?

to show or illustrate by example
: to show or illustrate by example. anecdotes exemplifying those virtues. : to make an attested copy or transcript of (a document) under seal. 3. : to be an instance of or serve as an example : embody.

Will be revealed meaning?

1 : to make known through divine inspiration. 2 : to make (something secret or hidden) publicly or generally known reveal a secret.

What is the past tense of shown?

11 Past participle forms
Present tense formPast tensePast participle