What are the 37 word families?

There are many combinations of word families, these are 37 of the most common: Ack, ake, all, ale, an, ame, ain, ank, ap, ash, at, ate, aw, ay, eat, ell, est, ice, ick, ight, ill, ide, ill, in, ine, ing, ip, ink, it, ock, op, oke, ore, ot, uck, ug, unk, and ump.

What are examples of word families?

Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern or groups of letters with the same sound. For example, the “ain” word family includes brain, chain, gain, pain, rain, and so on. The following list of common word families come from Wylie and Durrell, 1970.

What is a rhyming word family?

Exact Rhymes for “Family”

clammily. hammily. multi-family. pro-family.

What is a family root word?

A great many English words are put together from parts that come from other languages, such as Latin and Greek. Roots and Word Families. These word parts are called roots. Roots cannot stand alone but must be combined with prefixes or suffixes to form words. A group of words with a common root is called a word family.

Is word family a list?

According to researchers Wylie and Durrel, there are 37 common word families: ack, ain, ake, ale, all, ame, an, ank, ap, ash, at, ate, aw, ay, eat, ell, est, ice, ick, ide, ight, ill, in, ine, ing, ink, ip, it, ock, oke, op, ore, ot, uck ,ug, ump, unk. Source: Richard E. Wylie and Donald D.

How do you use word families?

Word families are groups of words that follow a similar pattern. Grouping similar words is an excellent way to teach a large number of words in a relatively short period of time. For example, when we teach the EE vowel team in All About Reading Level 2, we teach words like tree, feet, and deep in the same word list.

How many word families are there in English?

There are roughly 100,000 word-families in the English language. A native English speaking person knows between 10,000 (uneducated) to 20,000 (educated) word families. Professor Paul Nation found that a person needs to know 8,000-9,000 word families to enjoy reading a book.

What do we mean by the word family?

1 : a social group made up of parents and their children. 2 : a group of people who come from the same ancestor You resemble your mother’s side of the family. 3 : a group of people living together : household.

What order should I teach word families?

There is no particular order to the word families that one chooses; however, short a families make a good starting point because they are so common in the reading materials of young children, and studies of children’s invented spellings show that this is the short vowel least likely to be confused (Henderson, 1985).

What does word family mean in English?

A word family is a group of words that may share a common root word with different prefixes and suffixes in morphology. They’re used for teaching spelling.

What is a good sentence for family?

1 The family is one of nature’s masterpieses. 2 Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard. 3 The family you came from isn’t as important as the family you are going to have. 4 He wants to spend more time with his family.

What type of word is family?

noun, plural fam·i·lies. a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not: the traditional family.

What is family for kids?

A family is a social group of people who stay together under the same roof in a society. It comprises two or more adults like parents and grandparents and young children who are bound in a relationship by birth or blood.

What are good words for family?

Short Quotes
  • “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” – Michael J. Fox.
  • “The memories we make with our family is everything.” – Candace Cameron Bure.
  • “Family is family.” – Linda Linney.
  • “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” – George Santayana.
  • “In time of test, family is best.” – Burmese Proverb.

What is a slogan for family?

Be helpful, be honest, be happy. Always there to always care. The [last name] family never gives up. We’re always better together.

Why is family 10 sentences?

Ten Lines on Importance of Family in English

1) Family is the primary source of learning. 2) Family provides enormous positive energy and can make you conquer many things. 3) A family gives us stability in various ways. 4) A family makes us responsible for our duty.

Why do I love my family 10 lines?

4) The members of my family are my father, mother, elder brother and me. 5) My father is the head of the family and primarily takes all the important decisions. 6) We all have deep respect and love towards each other. 7) We help each other during bad times which give us the feeling of security and comfort.