What word is buxom?

bux·​om ˈbək-səm. : vigorously or healthily plump. a buxom warm friendly woman Burl Ives. specifically : full-bosomed. archaic : full of gaiety.

What is quixotic antonym?

What is the opposite of quixotic?

What is the antonym of mead?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for mead. nonintoxicant.

What are the antonyms of champion?

  • enemy,
  • foe,
  • rival.

What’s a synonym for quixotic?

Some common synonyms of quixotic are chimerical, fanciful, fantastic, imaginary, and visionary. While all these words mean “unreal or unbelievable,” quixotic implies a devotion to romantic or chivalrous ideals unrestrained by ordinary prudence and common sense.

What is an example of quixotic?

The definition of quixotic is romantic behavior or following beliefs even though they are foolish or unreachable goals. An example of quixotic is a young man in love behaving foolishly or wildly. Of or like Don Quixote.

Can you call a girl a champion?

champion noun [C] (WINNER)

She’s the women’s 1500 m champion .

What is another word for female hero?

Like feminine nouns formed with the suffix -ess, heroine refers only to females, whereas hero can refer to both males and females.

What is prizewinner?

Definition of prizewinner

: a winner of a prize.

What is a good sentence for the word quixotic?

Nor has her quixotic campaign in a bellwether seat yet ignited. Now that he wants to rejoin society no goal seems more quixotic and hopeless. As quixotic ventures go, the symphony has turned out well.

Is quixotic a synonym to pragmatic?

Quixotic is an antonym for pragmatic, and murky is an antonym for clear.

Why is quixotic pronounced?

What is the synonym of cynical?

  • distrustful,
  • mistrustful,
  • negativist,
  • negativistic,
  • skeptical,
  • suspicious.

How is Don Quixote quixotic?

Hailing from the 17th century novel Don Quixote, which featured a chivalrous yet inept titular character, quixotic refers to ideas which are both unrealistic and hopeless.

What is meant by chimerical?

Definition of chimerical

1 : existing only as the product of unchecked imagination : fantastically visionary (see visionary entry 1 sense 2) or improbable chimerical dreams of economic stability.

What is the meaning of unworldliness?

1 : not of this world : unearthly specifically : spiritual. 2a : not wise in the ways of the world : naive. b : not swayed by mundane considerations.

What is the moral lesson of Don Quixote?

Don Quixote teaches us that life is to be challenged. That passion and discipline of a determined soul are a foundational element of being a leader. Quixote does not accept current reality. He forces his creative imagery, his commitment, and his happiness on it.

What is the main message of Don Quixote?

To Dream the Impossible Dream” is undoubtedly the best known and represents the ideals of the gentleman as well as the knight. “To fight with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable star,” are idealistic and ultimately honorable words, as is the mission of Don Quixote.

What do horses symbolize in Don Quixote?

Horses symbolize movement and status in the novel and often denote a character’s worth or class. The pilgrims outside Barcelona, for instance, walk to the city. The noblemen ride in carriages, and the robbers and Don Quixote ride on horseback.

What mental illness did Don Quixote have?

Don Quixote suffered from chronic insomnia due to ruminations and worries: ‘Don Quixote did not sleep too much at all during the night, thinking about his lady Dulcinea’ (part I, ch.

Who is the modern day Don Quixote?

LeBron James
On the basketball court, LeBron James is Don Quixote. For 13 years in his NBA career, James has made the right play regardless of the outcome.