What is the synonym of charge?

commission, entrust. (also intrust), task, trust.

What is another word for not charged?

“The open house was a no charge affair, so members of the public could attend and look at the aircraft and watch them fly.” Find more words!

What is another word for no charge?
for nothingfreebie
without chargeas a gift

What is the antonym of free of charge?

What is the opposite of free of charge?
excessively pricedexorbitantly priced
highly pricedimmoderately priced

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

How do you say free of charge?

“The Singing Teapot waitress insists the refreshments are free of charge.”

What is another word for free of charge?
gratuitousfor free
on the housewithout charge
without costcosting nothing

What is the meaning of costless?

having no cost
Adjective. costless (not comparable) having no cost.

How can I say free without saying free?

  1. complimentary,
  2. costless,
  3. gratis,
  4. gratuitous.

What does at no cost mean?

idiom. used to say that something is free.

What is the synonym of commandeered?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for commandeer, like: hijack, ransack, snatch, draft, activate, enslave, recruit, usurp, pirate, conscript and confiscate.

Is it free of cost or free of charge?

In formal writing, use simply free—or, for emphasis or clarity, use the expressions free of charge or at no cost. Elise provides translation services free to non-profit organizations. He’d play free of charge (or at no cost) for a good cause.

What is no extra cost?

at no (extra) charge (or cost): free, for no (additional) money. idiom. Subscribe now, and receive this fabulous telephone at no extra charge.

What is inexpensive antonym?

antonyms for inexpensive
  • expensive.
  • unreasonable.
  • costly.
  • dear.
  • high-cost.
  • high-priced.

What does free of charge mean in contracts?

free of charge means a good or service for which no individual client has an obligation to pay and for which no third party payment is ever sought; Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3.

What language is the word gratis?

Gratis comes from the Latin word for “favor;” so in English a party favor is a small item given gratis to everyone attending a party. Gratis is used as both an adjective (“The drinks were gratis”) and an adverb (“Drinks were served gratis”). But however it’s used, it means “free”.

What is the formal of kids?

You can use “children” and “kids” in conversation, and be perfectly fine and appropriate. The reality is that “children” may be a bit more formal sounding than “kids”.