What is the synonym of devoted?

Some common synonyms of devote are consecrate, dedicate, and hallow. While all these words mean “to set apart for a special and often higher end,” devote is likely to imply compelling motives and often attachment to an objective. devoted his evenings to study.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What are antonyms for dedicated?

antonyms for dedicated
  • apathetic.
  • disloyal.
  • inconstant.
  • indifferent.
  • unenthusiastic.
  • unfaithful.

What type of word is devoted?

DEVOTED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Who is a devoted person?

The definition of devoted is someone who is very loyal and steadfast in giving love or attention. A lover who is always by your side and who adores you always is an example of a devoted lover.

Is dedicated a synonym devoted?

When you are dedicated to something, you are devoted to a cause or ideal, like dedicated volunteers at the animal shelter who show up even in snowstorms and on holidays. Dedicated contains the root word dedicate, meaning “devoted to one’s aims or vocation,” like a dedicated staff of workers who work extremely hard.

What is the sentence of devoted?

She was a devoted mother and a devoted member of her family.

What is the synonym of addiction?

Synonyms of addiction
  • dependence.
  • (also dependance),
  • habit,
  • jones.
  • [slang],
  • monkey.

What is the synonym and antonym of devour?

Opposite of to consume food, especially hungrily or in a gluttonous manner. abstain. hold. keep. nibble.

What devotion means?

deep love or loyalty
1 : deep love or loyalty. 2 : an act of giving (as effort or time) to something His devotion of many hours of work was rewarded. 3 : a religious exercise or practice (as prayers) especially that is private.

Is devoted a feeling?

1. Feeling or displaying strong affection or attachment; ardent: a devoted friend. 2. Having been consecrated; dedicated.

Why is being devoted important?

When you are devoted to a cause, you work to achieve its goals. When you are devoted to a person, you place their needs above your own. Being devoted doesn’t have to refer only to personal relationships. It can focus on any area, activity, or passion.

What is devotion in love?

Devotion is great love, affection, or admiration for someone. At first she was flattered by his devotion. Synonyms: love, passion, affection, intensity More Synonyms of devotion. 2. uncountable noun.

What is an example of devotion?

Devotion is defined as loyalty, love or practicing and believing in a specific religion. An example of devotion is what a dog feels for his kind master. An example of devotion is belief in the Catholic faith and living as a practicing Catholic. An act of religious observance or prayer, especially when private.