What is the synonym and antonym of grieve?

Some common synonyms of grief are anguish, regret, sorrow, and woe. While all these words mean “distress of mind,” grief implies poignant sorrow for an immediate cause.

What is the similar word of grieve?


1 lament, weep, bewail, bemoan; suffer. 2 sadden, pain.

What is the opposite sorrow?

Antonym. Sorrow. Joy. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the closest antonym for the word aggrieved?

antonyms for aggrieved
  • comforted.
  • happy.
  • pleased.

What is the opposite word of oppose?

The opposite of “opposition,” and its definition. Words that can be described as the opposite of opposition include agreement, yielding, acquiescence, apposition, retreat, surrender, sympathy, compatibility, team, accord, affection, agreement, harmony, obedience.

What’s the synonym of fury?

Some common synonyms of fury are anger, indignation, ire, rage, and wrath.

What is the meaning of atrophy?

having wasted away or decreased in size
Definition of atrophied

1 : having wasted away or decreased in size (as from disease or disuse) Astronauts and test animals have returned to Earth with atrophied muscles …—

What is the biblical meaning of lament?

Defining lament: Lament is the cry of your heart, crying out to God in such a way that he knows your pain without you having to express it in words. …

Is lament a positive or negative connotation?

A lament is full of regret and grief. If you lament something, then you feel sorry about it. You could lament a mistake you made, or you could lament a horrible thing that happened to a friend. Also, a lament is an expression of grief.

What is the meaning of Refractile?

1. of or concerned with refraction. 2. (of a material or substance) capable of causing refraction.

What is Megalecithal?

having a large amount of yolk, as certain eggs or ova.

What are the three types of atrophy?

There are three types of muscle atrophy: physiologic, pathologic, and neurogenic. Physiologic atrophy is caused by not using the muscles enough. This type of atrophy can often be reversed with exercise and better nutrition.

What is the meaning of Excystation?

Noun. excystation (plural excystations) (biology) The stage in the life cycle of a parasite in which it escapes from a cyst (after being swallowed by its host)

What is Microlecithal?

having a small amount of yolk, as certain eggs or ova.

What is Mesolecithal?

mesolecithal (not comparable) (of an egg) Having a yolk of intermediate size that is concentrated in one hemisphere.

What is Centrolecithal?

centrolecithal in British English

(ˌsɛntrəʊˈlɛsɪθəl ) adjective. zoology. (of animal eggs) having a centrally located yolk.

What is Polylecithal?

Macrolecithal or Megalecithal or Polylecithal egg: When the egg contains large amount of yolk it is said to be macrolecithal or megalecithal egg. It is also called Polylecithal egg. E.g. Reptiles, Birds, Prototheria (Monotremata) Egg laying mammals.