What is antonym for the word perch?

Antonyms. stand lie disarranged soft up. rest sit roost.

What is the synonym of perch?

Synonyms for perched. alighted. (also alit), landed, lit.

What is opposite antonym?

An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word. An opposite can be the other side of, reverse of, or something contrary to anything, not just words. Below are some examples: ‘Hot’ is the antonym/opposite of ‘cold.

What is the antonym for?

Definition of antonym

: a word of opposite meaning The usual antonym of good is bad.

What type of word is perch?

noun, plural (especially collectively) perch, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) perch·es. any spiny-finned, freshwater food fish of the genus Perca, as P.

What is the sentence of perch?

Examples of perch

After each bout they perched on a branch and remained silent, vocalizing, or chasing intruders. Now the man is perched precariously on the top of his chimney – the only bit of his house above the raging torrent.

What are the 5 antonyms?

Antonym Examples
achieve – failgiant – dwarfrandom – specific
attack – defendliquid – solidsunny – cloudy
blunt – sharpmarvelous – terribletimid – bold
brave – cowardlynoisy – quiettoward – away
cautious – carelesspartial – completetragic – comic

What are the 3 types of antonyms?

There are three types of English antonyms: contrary antonym, complementary antonym and converse antonym. According to the traditional linguistics, antonyms are totally opposite in meaning.

Where is the opposite word?

What is the opposite of where?
everywhereat this location
at this placeat this spot
in this locationin this place
in this spoton this spot

What is the synonym meaning?

Definition of synonym

1 : one of two or more words or expressions of the same language that have the same or nearly the same meaning in some or all senses. 2a : a word or phrase that by association is held to embody something (such as a concept or quality) a tyrant whose name has become a synonym for oppression.

What is thermostat synonym?

synonyms for thermostat
  • manager.
  • director.
  • governor.
  • switch.
  • valve.

What is gland synonym?

synonyms: secreter, secretor, secretory organ.

What is a synonym for pyrometer?

wet-bulb thermometer, dry-bulb thermometer, Pyrometric Cone, stove, thermistor.

What is a word for warm air?

What is another word for warm air?

Is pyrometer a thermometer?

A pyrometer is a type of remote-sensing thermometer used to measure the temperature of distant objects. Various forms of pyrometers have historically existed.

What is the synonym to hot?

blazing, boiling, heated, humid, red, scorching, sizzling, sultry, sweltering, torrid, tropical, warm, white, sharp, spicy, fierce, intense, stormy, cool, fresh.

What is another name for a hot rod?

•hot rod (noun)

stock car, SPEEDSTER, racer.

How does platinum resistance thermometer work?

A platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) is a piece of platinum wire which determines the temperature by measuring its electrical resistance. It is referred to as a temperature sensor. When manufactured carefully, these devices offer an excellent combination of sensitivity, range and reproducibility.

How does a constant volume gas thermometer work?

A constant volume gas thermometer ususally consists of a bulb filled with a fixed amount of a dilute gas which is attached to a mercury manometer. The manometer is used to measure variation in pressure. This thermometer works on the principle of Law of Gay-Lussac.