What is another word for non standard?

abnormal, special, substandard, untypical, non-traditional, non-treaty.

What is another word for not up to standard?

Synonyms for not up to standard in English

inferior; below standard; not up to standard; of inferior quality.

What does unstandardized mean?

Definition of unstandardized

: not brought into conformity with a standard : not standardized unstandardized procedures.

What does below standards mean?

“Below Standard” is a level that indicates inadequate and/or unsatisfactory performance.

Whats another word for up to standard?

What is another word for up to standard?
up to the markacceptable
good enoughpassable
up to parup to scratch

What are the non-standard?

Non-standard things are different from the usual version or type of that thing.

What is the sub standard?

Definition of substandard

: deviating from or falling short of a standard or norm: such as. a : of a quality lower than that prescribed by law substandard housing. b : conforming to a pattern of linguistic usage existing within a speech community but not that of the prestige group in that community.

What is not standard English?

Non-standard English is the informal version of the language, which can change depending on where it is being spoken. It contains lots of slang (very informal versions of standard words), which can be particular to a certain area or group of people, so may not be used or understood by everyone.

How do you use standardized in a sentence?

1. We use standardized tests to measure scholastic achievement. 2. Car parts are usually standardized.

What is standardized education?

Standardization assumes that if every individual is exposed to the very same sets of instructional conditions (also assuming that every teacher teaches the exact same way), the result will be that all students walk away with the same level of knowledge.

How do you say standardize?

What does subpar performance mean?

a : below a usual or normal level or standard subpar attendance a subpar performance Why would a major football school fire a successful coach following a single subpar season?—

What is a word for above standard?

topflight. top-hole. top-of-the-line. prizewinning. unsurpassed.