What happened to Anthony Stewart Head?


Now 66-years-old Anthony Head lives in Bath with his long time partner Sarah. They have two grown daughters, Emily and Daisy. Both are actresses, continuing the Head family showbiz tradition.

Why did Anthony leave Merlin?

In many interviews at the time, Head said he left the show in order to spend more time with his family, having realised that he had spent most of the year outside England, which added up to more than half his youngest daughter’s life.

What was Anthony Head in?

He is best known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), the Prime Minister in Little Britain (2003–2006), and Uther Pendragon in Merlin (2008–2012), as well as voicing Herc Shipwright in BBC Radio 4’s Cabin Pressure.

Are Murray Head and Anthony Head Related?

He’s the youngest son of Seafield Head (a documentary filmmaker) and Helen Shingler (an actress). He is the younger brother of musician/actor Murray Head who originated the role of Judas on the original album of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

How old is Anthony Head in Buffy?

Are Colin Morgan and Katie Mcgrath together?

However, according to Who’s Dated Who, the couple are in fact official. They say the pair started dating during the filming of the third season of “Merlin” in 2010, and then got engaged six years later, in 2016. Despite being quite private, they never shied away from showing affection in their interviews.

Why was Anthony Head not at the Buffy reunion?

In the case of Head, it was a simple scheduling conflict. The reunion took place while he was doing tech rehearsals for a play in the United Kingdom and he couldn’t take the time off. Head tweeted, “EW have worked hard to have my presence felt – in a portrait on set and an interview.

What is Anthony Head known for?

He is best known for his roles as Rupert Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), the Prime Minister in Little Britain (2003–2006), and Uther Pendragon in Merlin (2008–2012), as well as voicing Herc Shipwright in BBC Radio 4’s Cabin Pressure.

Is Emily head related to Anthony Head?

Head is the elder daughter of actor Anthony Head. She attended the BRIT School in Croydon, where she completed a BTEC course in acting and was a schoolmate of singers Katy B and Adele.

Is Giles from Buffy still alive?

Death and legacy

Giles dies at the hands of Angel. When the battle was brought to Sunnydale, Giles attempted to bring the Mʔ weapon to Buffy but Angel — possessed by Twilight — snapped his neck, killing him instantly.

When did Anthony Head leave Buffy?

He left Buffy for a while in season five, which aired in the year 2000, having realised Buffy no longer needed him. He only appeared in the following episodes as a guest. Head said the reason he had left the series was so he could spend more time with his family, who still lived in the UK.

Will there be a Buffy reboot?

With the 25th anniversary of the first season airing this year, it would be the perfect time. And it’s important to note no cancellation has been announced. The last mention from any official source about the Buffy reboot was back in July 2021.

How old is Anthony Head?

Who is Emily heads father?

Who is Buffy’s new Watcher?

Wesley is introduced in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer season three (1998–1999) episode “Bad Girls” as the new Watcher of Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Faith (Eliza Dushku).

Who is Mr Giles?

Rupert Giles is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character is portrayed by Anthony Stewart Head. He serves as Buffy Summers’ mentor and surrogate father figure.

Who is Anthony’s daughter?

Anthony Head/Daughters

How tall is Stewart Head?

Why is Giles called Ripper?

Giles, played by British actor Anthony Stewart Head, was nicknamed ‘Ripper’ while he was dabbling in the occult during his rebellious youth. Whedon said that the show would be in the tradition of “classic English ghost stories” and would explore the theme of loneliness.

Does Giles become a Watcher again?

Rupert Giles was reinstated as Buffy’s official Watcher in the season 5 episode “Checkpoint,” and he remains so until the events at the end of Season 5, though Giles maintains his contacts with Buffy.

How old is Giles brandriff?

Giles Brandriff Wiki, Age, Profession, Career, Family, Height, Weight
Real NameGiles Brandriff
Age73 Years
HeightIn centimeters- 183 cm In meters- 1.83 m In Feet Inches-6.0
WeightIn Kilograms- 75 kg In Pounds- 130 lbs
Eye ColourBlack

How old was Buffy when she slept with Angel?

Angel was sired when he was 26, when he meets Buffy he is 241 years old — and dead. Buffy is 16.