What is the main character flaw of Creon?

In “Antigone” the tragic hero is Creon. He suffers because of his flaw: pride. He cannot imagine that anyone else can be right. He is too inflexible and narrow in outlook to heed criticism or admit a mistake.

What qualities make Creon a tragic character?

Creon is isolated character who keeps to himself his plans and acts. He is very misleading character tries to lead others to crime. Creon faces dishonesty from others and sees the true character of people he thought he could trust. Creon as the protagonist with his stubborn personality makes him a true tragic hero.

What personality trait does Creon and Antigone share?

Both Antigone and Creon are strong, confident characters. Their stubbornness is shown in their eagerness in the actions they take, and how they will not back out. Antigone has set her mind on burying her brother Polynices, a crime to be punished by Creon with death.

What character trait or traits of Creon cause his misery?

Creon’s tragic flaw, hubris, causes his downfall. Creon will not listen to anyone. He is stubborn, and his pride is so great, he cannot bring himself to acknowledge that he could ever wrong.

How would you characterize Creon as a ruler?

Angry and intent on his will, Creon appears the epitome of the bad, ruthless leader, impervious to the laws of the gods or humanity. As the king of Thebes in Antigone, Creon is a complete autocrat, a leader who identifies the power and dignity of the state entirely with himself.

How does Creon abuse his power?

Creon abused his power by thinking that he can change or brake the laws of the Gods and not allowing other people to brake his laws. He did not want to burry Polyneices’ body, but one of the God’s law is that every human deserves to be buried after death not depending what that certain person did in his lifetime.

How is Creon a tragic hero quotes?

In the exodus, lines 7 and 10, the messenger says, “Creon was happy once… And now it has all gone from him!” This shows that everything was going well for Creon, but in the end all was lost. All of these lines show that Creon is the tragic hero.

What are the characteristics of a tragic hero?

What are characteristics of a tragic hero?
  • Is a male character, usually a noble, who suffers a reversal of fortune.
  • Makes a consequential mistake.
  • Experiences a downfall as a result of his hubris (excessive pride)
  • Typically dies in the end.
  • Sparks sympathy and fear in the audience.

What do you think is Creon’s greatest fault and why?

Creon’s tragic flaw, hubris, causes his downfall. Creon will not listen to anyone. He is stubborn and his pride is so great, he can not bring himself to acknowledge that he could ever wrong. When Creon is talking to Teiresias, he thinks that he is being paid off.

Who is the tragic figure in Antigone?

Creon is often mentioned as the tragic hero in Antigone, the third of the Theban plays.

Why is Creon a tragic hero?

Creon is the tragic hero because he tries to restore order in Thebes and is a good ruler but ends up alone due to his excessive pride. Antigone is the tragic hero because she sticks to her beliefs in the Gods and family and dies because of her loyalty to them.

Who was the first tragic hero?

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first to define a “tragic hero.” He believed that a good tragedy must evoke feelings of fear and pity in the audience, since he saw these two emotions as being fundamental to the experience of catharsis (the process of releasing strong or pent-up emotions through art).

What are the 5 characteristics of tragedy?

Terms in this set (7)
  • Unhappy End. Main character comes to unhappy end.
  • Important in Society. Hero is usually some one important in society.
  • Extraordinary Abilities. …
  • Outside Forces/Antagonist. …
  • Related Events. …
  • Audience’s Sympathy. …
  • Meets Doom.

What is Creon’s downfall?

Creon was responsible for his own downfall. Creon set himself upon the road to destruction when he made a law that directly contradicts the law of the gods and especially Antigonies beliefs, But by the time Creon even realizes his guilt; it is too late the death of Antigone,his son and his wife has already taken place.

How does Creon pride lead to his downfall?

The cause of Creon’s downfall, his hubris manifests when he king refuses to listen to others while also believing that he can change the fate that Tiresias prophesizes.

What are Creon’s virtues?

Following this line of reason, by Creon acting courageous, he himself becomes more of a courageous person. And since courage is a virtuous trait because it is a mean between the extremes of rashness and cowardice, Creon also becomes more virtuous.

How was Creon arrogant?

However, Creon’s arrogance was spawned by the political situations leading upto and during his kingship that, overwhelmed by his situation as an inexperienced leader of a recent warfare nation, he overlooks and even disregards his role in family ties.

How does Creon show pride in Antigone?

Creon shows a couple of occasions when he has way to much pride; when Antigone and he sister are condemned to death for trying to give burial rights to their brother, but Creon has them arrested and does not care even though he is related to them.