What are the classifications of Arthropoda?

The phylum Arthropoda is commonly divided into four subphyla of extant forms: Chelicerata (arachnids), Crustacea (crustaceans), Hexapoda (insects and springtails), and Myriapoda (millipedes and centipedes).

What are the 4 main classes of arthropods?

Arthropods are divided into four major groups:
  • insects;
  • myriapods (including centipedes and millipedes);
  • arachnids (including spiders, mites and scorpions);
  • crustaceans (including slaters, prawn and crabs).

What are the 7 characteristics of arthropods?

The important characteristics of arthropoda include:
  • They possess an exoskeleton.
  • They have jointed appendages.
  • Their body is segmented.
  • They are bilaterally symmetrical.
  • They possess an open circulatory system.

How many types of arthropods are there?

There are over 800,000 named species in the Phylum Arthropoda, named from the Greek arthros (= jointed) and poda (= foot), including the familiar arachnids, crustaceans, and insects, together with a host of less familiar critters, like centipedes, millipedes and sea spiders.

What are the 3 classes of insects?

Of the 24 orders of insects, four dominate in terms of numbers of described species; at least 670,000 identified species belong to Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera or Lepidoptera.

What are the general features of arthropods?

All arthropods share these characteristics:
  • Exoskeleton. An exoskeleton is the supporting structure on the outside of the body of an arthropod. …
  • Segmented bodies.
  • Jointed appendages such as mouthparts and antennae.
  • Bilateral symmetry. …
  • Dorsal blood vessel.
  • Ventral nerve cord.

What characteristics best describe arthropods?

Characteristics of Arthropods

A segmented body (Figure below) with a head, a thorax, and abdomen segments. Appendages on at least one segment. They can be used for feeding, sensory reception, defense, and locomotion. In addition to legs, antennas and mouth parts are considered modified appendages.

What is an arthropod easy definition?

Kids Definition of arthropod

: any of a large group of animals (as crabs, insects, and spiders) with jointed limbs and a body made up of segments. More from Merriam-Webster on arthropod.

What are the four characteristics of an arthropod?

All arthropods posses an exoskeleton, bi-lateral symmetry, jointed appendages, segmented bodies, and specialized appendages.

Which class of arthropods is the most successful?

class Insecta
The class Insecta is considered the most successful class of arthropods due to the variety of body morphology and the large number of living member species. There are an estimated 900,000 different species of insects, and insects are found in nearly every ecosystem on Earth.

Which class of arthropods contains the most species?

The largest group of arthropods is the insects, including grasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, and cockroaches. Insects live in every conceivable environment on Earth and are among the most highly adapted of all animal species, with well-developed organs for various senses, including smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

What is the largest class of arthropods?

Phylum Arthropoda is the largest phylum in the animal world, and insects form the single largest class within this phylum.

What are arthropods examples?

Arthropod/Lower classifications

Which of the 5 classes of arthropods is the most diverse?

Answer and Explanation: Insects are the most diverse of the five classes of arthropods. Insects are the most diverse because they have been on the Earth longer than other arthropods and had time to develop and evolve in their biodiversity.