What is an automatic lathe machine?

In metalworking and woodworking, an automatic lathe is a lathe with an automatically controlled cutting process. Automatic lathes were first developed in the 1870s and were mechanically controlled.

What are the classification and specification of lathe machines?

According to size or capacity: Small (low duty) – In such light duty lathes (up to 1.1 kW), only small and medium-size jobs of generally soft and easily machinable materials are machined. Medium (medium duty) – These lathes of power nearly up to 11 kW are most versatile and commonly used. Large (heavy-duty)

What is lathe classify their types?

Types of lathes
Name of MachineSpecial DescriptionApplication
Crankshaft LatheIt carries all the attachments, like taper turning and threading, etc. In addition, a number of rests (supports) for the shafts.It is used for turning very long parts such as turbine and engine shafts and crankshafts.
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What are the principle features of automatic lathes?

Automatic lathes are operated with complete automatic control. They are high speed, mass production lathes. An operator can look after more than one automatic lathe at a time. These are machine tools in which components are machined automatically.

What are the 5 major parts of a lathe machine?

While there are different types of lathes, most feature a few basic parts to facilitate their operations.
  • Bed. The bed is a large horizontal structure or beam that’s used to support other parts of a lathe like the headstock and tailstock. …
  • Headstock. …
  • Tailstock. …
  • Carriage. …
  • Legs. …
  • Cross Slide. …
  • Saddle. …
  • Apron.

What is lathe machine used for?

A lathe machine is a stationary cutting tool used primarily for shaping wood and metal, which are referred to as workpieces. The lathe machine removes unwanted parts of the workpiece to produce the desired product. The movements of a traditional lathe machine are manually controlled by an operator.

What are the three classifications of lathes?

Classification of lathes

Lathes can be roughly divided into three types, engine lathes, turret lathes, and special lathes. The basic engine lathe is used for most lathes, with the smaller bench or portable machines, or larger vertical tables standing on the floor.

What are the specifications of shaper machine?

ModelJF-SH-24 and 26JF-SH-42
Length of ram1325 mm2135 mm
Length X width of ram bearing995 mm x 280 mm1600 mm x 405 mm
Max / min Distance from table to ram485 mm / 109 mm521 mm / 140 mm

What are the specifications of milling machine?

Universal Milling Machines
Universal Milling Machine ( Longitudinal Feed Auto )
Number of Spindle Speed6
Range of Spindle Speed50, 85, 110, 240, 350,525 RPM
Number of Feeds3 Feeds (0.9, 1.4, 2.25 Per Minute )

How is the size of a lathe machine specified?

The size of an engine lathe is determined by the largest piece of stock that can be machined. Before machining a workpiece, the following measurements must be considered: the diameter of the work that will swing over the bed and the length between lathe centers (Figure 7-1 ).

How can you classify a shaper?

Various types of shaping machines are classified into four such as motion type (driving mechanism), ram travel, table design, and the type of cutting stroke: Types of shaper machine base on driving mechanism: Crank type e.g. quick return motion mechanism. Geared shaper type.

What are the types of shaping machine?

Types of Shaper Machines
  • Based on the type of driving mechanism. Crank type shaper. Geared type shaper. Hydraulic type shaper.
  • Based on ram travel. Horizontal shaper. Vertical shaper.
  • Based on the table design. Standard shaper. Universal shaper.
  • Based on cutting stroke. Push cut type. Draw cut type.

What is function of shaper machine?

Shaper Machine is used to remove the material from the surface of the workpiece by the usage of reciprocating single-point cutting tools basically on horizontal, vertical, and Inclined surfaces. The workpiece is fixed in the machine vice whereas the tool reciprocates on the workpiece by means of ram.

What are the types of slotting machine?

Slotting machines are mostly of the following four types:
  • Precision Tool Room Slotter.
  • Puncher Slotter.
  • General Production Slotter.
  • Keyseater Slotter.

What is horizontal shaper machine?

Horizontal Shaping Machine  A shaper is a type of machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the workpiece and a single point cutting tool to machine a linear toolpath. The ram is moved back and forth typically by a crank inside the column. The horizontal arrangement is the most common.

What is the unit of depth of cut?

Depth of Cut Parameters

This parameter is measured as thousandths of an inch or thousandths of millimeters. The depth of cut will usually vary between 0.1 to 1.0 mm.

What is the name of slotting tool?

Slotter machine is used to produce slots, keyways, and gear teeth. It is used for machining internal and external flat surfaces and circular surfaces. If there is a need for shaping external and internal types of profiles then slotter is the best choice.

What is slotting operation?

Shaping (sometimes called slotting) is a machining process whereby a work piece is held on the machine table, which is then advanced into the path of a reciprocating ram, upon which is mounted a single-point cutting tool.