How many types of expectorant are there?

There are currently two expectorant ingredients available in the United States: guaifenesin and potassium iodide. Guaifenesin is the most commonly used expectorant in many cold, cough, and flu medications. Potassium iodide is widely used in breathing treatments for people with asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema.

What are examples of expectorants?

Common examples of Expectorants include guaifenesin and ammonium chloride combined with diphenhydramine. Common examples of Mucolytics are acetylcysteine, bromhexine, ambroxol, and carbocisteine.

What is the classification of guaifenesin?

Guaifenesin is in a class of medications called expectorants. It works by thinning the mucus in the air passages to make it easier to cough up the mucus and clear the airways.

What is the classification of cough syrup?

There are 2 types of OTC cough medicines: antitussives and expectorants.

What is the strongest expectorant?

Maximum Strength Mucinex (guaifenesin) Children’s Mucinex Chest Congestion (guaifenesin) Mucinex DM (dextromethorphan and guaifenesin) Maximum Strength Mucinex DM (dextromethorphan and guaifenesin)

How they work
  • Mucinex.
  • Robitussin DM.
  • Robitussin 12 Hour Cough & Mucus Relief.

What’s a good expectorant?

Guaifenesin or glyceryl guaiacolate is the most popular medicinal expectorant used in cough syrups and other cough medicines. Some natural expectorants are honey, steam and peppermint. These work best when taken with a medicinal expectorant.

What are the 4 types of cough?

Coughing is your body’s way to clear an irritant from your throat, airway and lungs. The four main types of coughs are: wet, dry, paroxysmal and croup.
  • Wet cough. This kind of cough sounds wet because it brings up mucus. …
  • Dry cough. …
  • Paroxysmal cough. …
  • Croup cough.

What is expectorant in pharmacy?

An expectorant is a type of cough medicine used to help clear mucus (phlegm) from your airway. You may take an expectorant to help relieve congestion if you have a cold or the flu. Expectorants are available as standalone drugs or as an ingredient in an all-in-one cold or flu medication.

What drug class is dextromethorphan?

Dextromethorphan is in a class of medications called antitussives.

What are expectorants in pharmacy?

An expectorant is a medication that people can use when they have a cough that produces mucus. Doctors and pharmacists refer to these types of cough as “productive” or “wet.” Expectorants reduce the thickness of mucus and make secretions in the airways thinner.

What is the best medicine for mucus?

Expectorants, such as guaifenesin (Mucinex, Robitussin) can thin and loosen mucus so it will clear out of your throat and chest. Prescription medications. Mucolytics, such as hypertonic saline (Nebusal) and dornase alfa (Pulmozyme) are mucus thinners that you inhale through a nebulizer.

Is Benadryl an expectorant?

Diphenhydramine belongs to a group of medicines called ‘antihistamines’. Diphenhydramine helps to reduce common cold symptoms, such as runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. Diphenhydramine also helps suppress dry, raspy coughs by its action in the brain. Ammonium chloride is an expectorant.

Which cough syrup is best for phlegm?

We recommend:
  • Robitussin Extra Strength Honey Cough & Congestion. Naturally sourced honey* you love, plus the effective cough relief you need. …
  • Robitussin Honey Cough & Cold Nighttime. …
  • Robitussin Mucus & Phlegm.
  • Robitussin Cough Control.
  • Robitussin Cough Control Extra Strength.

What are Mucolytics used for?

Mucolytics are drugs used to manage mucus hypersecretion and its sequelae like recurrent infections in patients of COPD, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis.

What is the difference between mucus and phlegm?

Mucus and phlegm are similar, yet different: Mucus is a thinner secretion from your nose and sinuses. Phlegm is thicker and is made by your throat and lungs.

What is the difference between sputum and mucus?

Sputum may be referred to as phlegm or mucus. All terms are correct, but sputum and phlegm only refer to the mucus made in the respiratory system (lungs and airways). Sputum (phlegm) is a type of mucus. Mucus can also be made elsewhere in the body, such as the urinary or genital tract.

What type of drug is a bronchodilator?

Bronchodilators are a type of medication that make breathing easier by relaxing the muscles in the lungs and widening the airways (bronchi). They’re often used to treat long-term conditions where the airways may become narrow and inflamed, such as: asthma, a common lung condition caused by inflammation of the airways.

What is the difference between mucolytic and expectorant?

An expectorant increases bronchial secretions and mucolytics help loosen thick bronchial secretions. Expectorants reduce the thickness or viscosity of bronchial secretions thus increasing mucus flow that can be removed more easily through coughing. Mucolytics break down the chemical structure of mucus molecules.