Why can’t I see other computers on my network Windows 10?

There are many reasons why Windows 10 Can’t See Other Computers on Network. However, the major technical reasons are always due to bugs and wrong settings of Network Discovery, SMB 1.0 Protocol, and Disabled Printer and File Sharing.

How do I view all computers on my network?

To see all of the devices connected to your network, type arp -a in a Command Prompt window. This will show you the allocated IP addresses and the MAC addresses of all connected devices.

How do I access another computer on the same network?

Right click on the drive that you want to share and select “Give access to” > “Advanced Sharing…”. Enter a name to identify the drive over the network. If you want to be able to both read and write to the drives from your other computers, select “Permissions” and check “Allow” for “Full Control.”

Can see but not access other computers on network?

The Windows Firewall is designed to block unnecessary traffic to and from your PC. If network discovery is enabled, but you still can’t see other computers on a network, you may need to whitelist File and Printer Sharing in your firewall rules. To do this, right-click the Windows Start menu and press Settings.

Can only see some computers on network Windows 10?

Open the Network and verify that you are now seeing the neighboring Windows computers. If these tips did not help, and the computers in the workgroup are still not displayed, try to reset the network settings (Settings -> Network and Internet -> Status -> Network Reset). Then you need to reboot the computer.

Can not see other computer on network?

Change the view in Control Panel to Category and click on View network status and tasks under the Network and Internet section. Click on Advanced sharing settings and, in your current network profile, look for the Turn on Automatic Setup of Network Connected Devices options and uncheck the box next to it.

Why my computer is not visible on network?

Click Network and Sharing Center. Click Change advanced sharing settings in the left pane. Under the Private section, make sure that Turn on network discovery is selected. Click Save changes.

Why don t all my computers show up on network?

Your computer may also not appear in the network environment if the workgroup settings are incorrect. If this is the reason for your computer not showing up on the network, you can add the computer to the workgroup again using a simple wizard. Navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System.