Is 3mm tyre tread OK?

Tyre and safety experts believe the 1.6mm legal minimum is insufficient to guarantee safety – most recommend a minimum tread depth of 3mm for tyre replacement. Tests by UK technical organisation MIRA found that, once tyres are below 3mm, stopping distances increase dramatically.

What is the minimum tyre tread in Ireland?

1.6 mm
What is the Law on Tyre Tread Depth in Ireland? The minimum legal tyre tread depth in Europe for cars and light vans is 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the tread width and around its entire circumference.

When should I change my tyres Ireland?

The tyres on your car should be changed around every 20,000 miles or earlier if you begin to see signs of wear that could make them unsafe to drive on. These signs could include excessive wear, cracking or bulging.

Should I replace tires at 3mm?

The manufacturer says there is no link between tread depths at 1.6mm and increasing accident rates. In addition, changing tyres at 3mm would cost the motorist money and increase carbon emissions – especially as a tyre becomes more fuel-efficient as it wears.

What is the new tyre tread depth?

approximately 8-9mm
A new car tyre begins life with approximately 8-9mm of tread depth. Legally, you can drive on them until they reach a minimum depth of the tread of 1.6 mm, across 75% of the tyre’s width and all around its circumference.

What’s legal tyre tread depth?

The legal limit of 1.6mm is reached when the tyre is worn to the level of the tread wear indicators in the main groove — as soon as this happens, the tyre should be replaced.

How do I know if my tyre tread is legal?

Place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If you can’t see the raised edge around the coin, your tyre’s tread is likely greater than 1.6mm and, therefore, legal. If, on the other hand, the outer band is visible when inserted, your tyre could be unsafe and require professional inspection.

How long will 3mm tyres last?

10,000-20,000 miles
With all the possible variables taken into account, the minimum average period 3mm of tyre tread depth will last before it reaches the legal limit of 1.6mm is between would be 10,000-20,000 miles but it could be considerably more than that.

What make your tyres illegal?

Excessive or uneven tyre wear is a key component of what can constitute as an illegal tyre. This could refer to having large, deep cuts in the sidewall, for example, or having tyre wear in uneven places – leading to a dangerous tyre which isn’t meeting the specific safety requirements.

Is 6mm tread good?

If you have a full 6mm of tread (i.e., the groove is to or beyond the bottom of the Memorial) you’re probably fine; if you have less, estimate how much (remembering that you know you have more than 4mm) and then see the table.

Should I change tyres at 2mm?

Whether you replace at 1.6mm, 2mm or 3mm is down to personal preference and the quality of the tyre that’s fitted to the vehicle. But it’s important to note that tyres that are near or on the legal limit can be more susceptible to aquaplaning, owing to the fact there is less tread depth to allow for water dispersion.

Should I replace my tyres at 4mm?

A tyre with a tread depth of 4mm is a cause for concern as the tyre is 62% worn. At 3mm it is recommended that the tyre should be replaced. Replacing a tyre around the 3mm mark is a great idea as it reduces the risk of an accident and the risk of receiving a penalty charge.

Should I change my tyres at 5mm?

Tread wear indicators

These are usually small bars, about 5mm wide, built into the base of the tyre’s main grooves. If the tyre tread is level with the top of the wear indicator, it means your tyres have reached the legal limit of 1.6mm. When tyres are worn to this level, they need to be replaced.

How long will a 1mm tread last?

“With just 1mm of tread remaining a car’s stopping distance is 250m. If tyres are not changed before they wear to 1.6mm drivers may be compromising the safety of themselves and other road users.”

How many miles should you wear 1 millimeter tyre tread?

Though impossible to determine the far you can travel for a tread to wear, but from the observations that we have seen as observed from the case study of several individuals, then we can conclude that the average distance one can travel is 13000 miles hence we can sum it up by saying it’s a 1mm depth of a tread to wear …

How many miles should you wear 1mm tread?

As a rough guide, a millimeter (1mm) of tyre tread lasts from approximately 1,000 – 4,000 miles dependent upon driving style, road and weather conditions and tyre rubber compound.

What does 1.6 mm tread look like?

The border around the outside edge of a 20 pence piece is approximately 1.6mm. Place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If the outer border is hidden when it is inserted then your tread is above the legal limit.

When should I change my tyres?

Aim to replace your car tyres when the tread depth gets below 3mm and before it gets below 2mm. Find out more about the legal tyre tread depth. Tyres don’t usually last long enough to be replaced due to old age. Usually, the tyre tread wears down quicker than that.

How many miles should a tyre do?

How many miles should tyres last? Your front tyres should last for around 20,000 miles before being changed and your rear tyres may last longer than this. For example, this means that they should be changed every four years if you average 5,000 miles per year.