Is Palisade the same as DumaWall?

What Is Palisade/Dumawall & How Do I Use It In My Bathroom Remodel? UPDATE: Palisade Waterproof Grout-Free Tiles have replaced Dumawall tiles in the U.S. They are the same product, just simply rebranded, so I will use them interchangeably throughout this article.

Can DumaWall be used in showers?

Can I put DumaWall in the shower? Yes, seal all edges with DAP Kwik Seal Ultra sealant at the joint to prevent water infiltration. Apply a line of silicone sealant to the tongue and groove connection between the panels to ensure a completely waterproof joint.

How do you attach DumaWall trim?

Install by dispensing a thin bead of sealant on the DumaWall side and a thin bead of adhesive on the substrate side. Press trim into place. If trim will not stay in-place, use some masking or painter’s tape to hold until adhesive sets.

What colors does DumaWall come in?

Signature Series Colours
  • 918. White.
  • 868. Light Cement.
  • 911. Chicago.
  • 916. Denver.
  • 032. Mystic Dark Grey.

What do I need to install DumaWall?

What is DumaWall made from?

What is Dumawall made of? It is produced with the revolutionary patented RCB® (Rigid Core Board) technology with an interlocking tongue and groove system. It is also 100% waterproof, lightweight, strong and 100% recyclable.

Can you install DumaWall without trim?

Can You Install Palisade/Dumawall Without Trim? Palisade/Dumawall tile should not be installed without trim. Palisade/Dumawall trim is designed to hide the cut tile edges and waterproof the seams of the shower enclosure.

Can you put DumaWall over existing tile?

If you plan to apply DumaWall over existing tile, the distance between the existing tile and the new DumaWall may be so negligible that the DumaWall can rest flush on the shower surround edge. In this case, simply seal the seam with silicone sealer around the perimeter.

Is DumaWall waterproof?

OVERVIEW. DumaWall waterproof, interlocking wall tiles do not require grout and are 100% waterproof, making them ideal for moist environments. They are easily installed with nails or tube adhesive; simply interlock the edges. No special tools or saws are required, eliminating the need for contractors.

Is DumaWall heat resistant?

Fire Rating. All DumaWall panels have a ‘Class A’ FSI and SDI fire rating per ASTM E84. Our panels are rated for surface burning characteristics, flame spread and smoke development.

Can you install a shower kit over existing tile?

You can put a bathtub wall kit over old-fashioned ceramic tile as long as it is installed properly and the old tile area is smaller than the kit.