What is the meaning of the word La tante in English?

British English: aunt /ɑːnt/ NOUN. Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father, or the wife of your uncle or aunt.

Is tante French or German?

Borrowed from German Tante (“aunt”), itself a borrowing from French tante (“aunt”).

Does tante mean aunt in German?

German word for aunt is die Tante – YouTube.

Does Tanti mean aunt?

From Austrian German Tante, from French tante, from Old French ante (“aunt”), from Latin amita (“paternal aunt”).

What language is tante?

Tante is the French, Dutch (Nederland), German, Danish, and Yiddish word for aunt (female sibling of a parent)

What language is Tanta?

Etymology. From Danish tante, from French tante, from Latin amita.

What does Tante mean in Trinidad?

10. Noun. Aunt – a person who is the sister or sister-in-law of a parent.

How do you say aunt in Jamaican?

aunt in Jamaican Creole English
  1. anti. LangwiJumieka Vokiabileri.
  2. hanti. LangwiJumieka Vokiabileri.

What does Tanty mean in Trinidad?

In Trinidad many spell it as ‘Tanty’ (slang for aunty) and think it’s not a real word.

What does bacchanal mean in Trinidad?

“Bacchanal” is a term used most often to refer to drama. It can also mean having a good time at a party, as heard in the very popular Carnival song in Trinidad and Tobago called “Bacchanalist,” by Kerwin Du Bois.

What does Tabanca mean in Trinidad?

heartbreak, longing
Tabanca is a Trini word that means heartbreak, longing, missing something beyond words.

What is Trinidad mixed with?

The total population is estimated at 40% black, 40.3% East Indian, 18% mixed, 0.6% white, and 1.2% Chinese and other. Tobago is predominantly black.

How do you say wassup in Trinidad?

Do Trinidadians speak broken English?

Trinidadian culture is also influenced by Chinese and Venezuelan immigrants who make up a small percentage of the population. So as it turns out, Trinidad’s language isn’t broken English, it’s a unique language with a complex story behind it.

How do you say girl in Trinidad?

Gyul – Trini pronunciation for Girl.

What does licks mean in Trinidad?

Noun. A beating. assin, buss ass, clap, cut ass, cut skin, cut tail. Close.

How do you speak Trinidadian accent?

What language do Trinidadians speak?

English is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family, originally spoken by the inhabitants of early medieval England.


What is a lick TikTok?

The “lick,” a slang term for theft, often includes miniscule items such as soap and hand sanitizer, but can range to more serious items like toilet seats, school signs and even fire alarms. “(TikTok) has its good and its bad like the rest of social media.

What is TikTok lick?

A “lick” is another word for stealing. Or as explained by Urban Dictionary, “a successful type of theft, which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.” It has gotten so bad, TikTok removed the hashtag “devious lick” from the app.

Is Trinidad a poor country?

Trinidad and Tobago is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, thanks to its large reserves of oil and gas, the exploitation of which dominates its economy.

Is Trinidad a Third World?

The “Second World” countries were the Communist Bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, China, and their allies.

Third World Countries 2022.
CountryHuman Development Index2022 Population
Saint Kitts And Nevis0.77853,871
Antigua And Barbuda0.7899,509
Trinidad And Tobago0.7841,406,585