How do you make an emblem in Battlefield 4 2021?

In your Battlelog, go to the Overview page, then click on “Customize Emblem” and make sure you have the desired emblem selected in the editor.

How do you make a custom emblem in battlefield?

How do I create my own emblem?

How do I make a bf5 emblem?

How do you make a platoon emblem?

Emblem – Choose an emblem from your personal gallery to set as the Platoon emblem.

In the Battlefield Companion App
  1. Tap Platoons.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Tap Create Platoon.

How do you copy a battlelog emblem?

How do I change my Battlelog soldier?

Re: Battlelog Soldier Portraits

Just click on him and you should see 2 options (depending where your mouse is). If its high then you will get an option to customize your emblem and if its low you’ll see an option to customize your soldier portrait.

Does Battlefield 5 have Battlelog?

Battlelog was offered on mobile devices and browsers, before being overhauled to the Battlefield Companion App for Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V. Popular YouTuber @DANNYonPC also took notice of the action of the account and mentioned that they changed their profile banned to Battlefield V.

How do you add emblems to Emblemsbf?

How do you change portrait in Battlefield 4?

How do you edit your soldier in Battlefield 4?

How do I import emblems into battlefield companion?

Use – they have codes that works especially for BF1.
  1. Find a cool emblem, and copy the code (THE BF1-CODE!)
  2. Open the editor in your browser on a PC/Mac ( and click “view emblems”)
  3. Click Ctrl+Shift+J on PC or Cmd+Opt.(Alt)+J on Mac, and paste the code.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

How do you put emblems on battlefield companion?

How do I change my loadout in Battlefield 2042?

How to change weapon attachments in Battlefield 2042. Changing attachments is as simple as holding down the designated button to bring up the Plus Menu, and from here, select alternate attachments from four categories. Once you’ve made your selection, release the button, and your choices will be instantly applied.

How do you change your loadout in Battlefield 2042?

How to Change Weapons in Battlefield 2042. All you need to do to change your weapon is press triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, and 1/2 or mouse scroll on PC. Pressing this button multiple times will allow you to cycle through all of the weapons you have on you.