Do you put baseboard on before or after carpet?

Generally, the installation of carpet or baseboard is easier for whoever installs first. Some professionals may have a strong preference, but ultimately baseboards can be installed before or after carpet.

Can baseboard be installed after carpet?

The baseboards can be applied either before or after the carpet is installed, so if you already have carpet you shouldn’t be deterred from installing some baseboards.

How high off the floor should baseboards be installed for carpet?

The best height for baseboard when carpet is going to be installed is 3/8″. Why? Raised base makes it easier for the carpet installer to install ANY thickness of carpet and the edges look better.

How do you hide the gap between baseboard and floor?

How do you fill the gap between baseboard and carpet?

Apply Caulk

Carefully apply a line of caulk between the gaps between the baseboard and carpet, and stuff the carpet into the space under the molding. Be careful not to get caulk on the carpet or outside of the molding. Be ready for a quick cleanup in case of an accident.

How much space should be left under baseboard for carpet?

Most of them recommend 1 inch to allow room for both pad and carpet. It is also best, if possible, to nail down any tack strip before installing the baseboard to prevent damage to the baseboard from errant hammer strikes. Nail baseboard in place with 2-inch finish nails and a hammer, or an air-powered pin nailer.

Should baseboards touch the floor?

Baseboards should only touch the floor if you have no plans to carpet your floors and if you’ve already finished installing your other flooring. If you have yet to install the rest of your floor, carpet or otherwise, you’ll need to take into account the height of the installed flooring.

Should baseboards be installed before flooring?

Baseboards are usually installed before flooring with a reservation gap left at the bottom of the baseboards for the flooring to be slid underneath. The gap left under baseboards for flooring is dependent on the width of the flooring being installed.